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Understanding the Esoteric Tarot: Advanced Topics with Nicholas O'Donnell

Advanced Drop-in Group:
Sundays, 6:30–9:00 pm

Cost: $15


Pay at the door (Cash, credit, electronic) 


Questions: Nick, or call/text (734) 299-6472

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Enlightened Soul Center & Shop

2711 Carpenter Road
Ann Arbor 48108
Free parking!

We have our own building with the main entrance and parking in the back On the east side of Carpenter, halfway between Packard Street and Washtenaw Ave.

About the Advanced Tarot Study Group

In the Advanced Tarot Study Group, we study the deepest aspects of the Tarot through the lenses of Numerology, Astrology, Hermetic Kabbalah, Etymology, and the Esoteric Symbolism within the cards. After exploring the mystical aspects of the Tarot, we use meditation to imprint the teachings into our minds. After the meditation session, we apply our skills with the means of divination, giving and trading readings with each other. This class usually runs 3-ish hours, and the sessions are designed to exercise concentration, critical thinking, sensory clarity, and equanimity for the entire session, leaving no stone unturned. Each week rotates to a new card, as the group works through the Fool's journey.


Participants are encouraged ask questions in the sessions that challenge each other and are also asked to study throughout the week to come fully prepared to dive into the topic of the night. The topics of study covered in this class are made to challenge our outlooks and understanding of the world and of reality, as well as social norms, via the images of the Tarot. Advanced Tarot practitioners are welcome to this group, joining with people who have been studying together for months and have a deep understanding of Tarot.

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About Nick O'Donnell

Nick uses a unique set of skills melding mindfulness meditation, esoteric studies, and the  intuitive arts into a comprehensive spiritual system that anyone can understand and learn. He believes that mindfulness meditation is foundational work for spiritual studies. Through immersing himself in mindfulness meditation and the Tarot, Nick has also developed a one-of-a-kind Tarot Meditation program exploring the deepest meanings of the tarot on a personal level.  

Contact: or call/text (734) 299-6472

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