Ladies Intuitive & Energetic Experience ON ZOOM
with Tammy, The Vibrational Goddess 


Sunday, OCTOBER 17, 2021
2:00–5:00 pm (log in by 1:55 pm please)

Cost: $45 ~ Includes personal guidance & Tammy's proprietary Energy Blast™


Register at:

SPACE LIMITED to 15 participants!

REGISTRATION CLOSES 48 hours before the event (Friday, 10/15) or when the maximum is reached. DON'T WAIT!

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No Zoom account is necessary, but FOR BEST RESULTS, you'll want to download the Zoom program IN ADVANCE to your phone, tablet, or computer and test it at:
The link will be sent to the email used with your payment sign-up. IF YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED the ZOOM EMAIL within a few hours of registrationfirst look in your spam or junk email folder. Then contact Tammy at​ or 734.252.6196.

About the Ladies Intuitive & Energetic Experience

Do you have life questions you are looking for higher insight and guidance on, so you can align with the clarity, purpose, and next steps that are best for you? 


How about releasing a deeply-held emotion that has you feeling stuck moving forward and you just haven’t been able to release it fully yet? 


What if you can receive a blast of high-vibrational energy that opens the space for what you want to create that is new and different in your life to happen with more ease, flow, and speed?  
Over the last couple of months, Tammy has offered this as an in-person event that has been well received and the 15 available seats have filled up quickly. This month, to make it accessible to people beyond our local area, this event will be VIRTUAL ONLY and FOR WOMEN ONLY, with a maximum of 15 participants.
This will be an afternoon of intuitive insight and guidance on what’s happening for you, along with an understanding of your personal energy and how to create your life the way you want it, once you know more about your vibrational frequency.
You’ll also experience a release of an emotional wound or struggle you have been carrying, as well as receive Tammy's proprietary Energy Blast™ (the members of her Facebook group love it) to raise your vibrational frequency, which is your point of attraction for what you experience in your life, to match that of what you want to attract into your life now.
If you are not familiar with what your vibrational frequency is, think of it like this: You create your external reality and life based on the internal vibrational frequency that you are sending out like a radio, and the “station” you are on is what you experience coming back to you as the circumstances, situations, and people in your life. When you change your vibration, you change your life.
You’ll be able to ask questions and receive insight and guidance specific to you and what is happening in your life that you want to know more about. Being in a group setting allows for you to receive insight and guidance in response to the questions of others as well. All that is shared will be perfect and benefit all those who participate and attend.
Although 3 hours is allotted for the event, it will depend on the number of attendees as to how long it actually runs, with a maximum of 15 participants allowed.
Please join the event promptly by 2 pm to hold the energy of the space without disruption or disturbance, and of course, so you don’t miss anything that is shared. 
You’ll receive the Zoom link for the event in the confirmation email when you register. BE SURE TO WATCH FOR THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL AND LET TAMMY KNOW IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE IT WITHIN A FEW HOURS OF REGISTERING!!! 


Please be aware that there are no refunds. If you want a seat, that seat becomes yours and remains it.

CONTACT TAMMY AT:, 734.252.6196

About Tammy Braswell, The Vibrational Goddess

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Tammy Braswell is known as The Vibrational Goddess and she supports women on their spiritual journey to vibrationally align with their soul’s truth, path, and purpose.
Her expertise is to shift you into the higher vibrational frequency that matches what you want to experience in your life now quickly, easily, and in alignment with your soul’s desired human journey.
Tammy is an intuitive channel, high-vibrational healer, Akashic Record expert, Energetic Creation coach and teacher. She has been sensitive to energy, spirits, and the unseen planes of existence since she was a young child and loves all the adventures, insights, and exciting variety that being tuned into this allows her to experience daily in her life. Tammy lives what she teaches and shares, and sees this life and all it has to offer as her playground, and yours.
To connect with Tammy, join her Facebook group at Your Spiritual Journey Playground: Elevating Your Awakening, Healing & Growth 

or, where she offers a high-vibe space and bi-weekly Energy Blasts in it.

OR CONTACT TAMMY AT:​, 734.252.6196