Practitioner at the Enlightened Soul Center
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Psychic Medium and Spiritual Worker

30-minute reading: $70
(Consultation for spiritual work is included in reading price if client wants work done.) *A reading is needed prior to any spiritual work.


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Mambo (Priestess) Angelica is a trained and initiated psychic medium and spiritual worker.  Her training includes 21 Divisions (Dominican Vodou), Sanse (Puerto Rican Vodou), and Haitian Vodou.  She has been working with the spirits from her paths and training with her godfather Hector Salva (aka Papa Houngan Hector, who is known for his spiritual work internationally) since 2018.  


Prior to walking on this spiritual path, Angelica has always felt the call to do spiritual work due to various experiences in her life and through her natural spiritual gifts, which she began to develop further after connecting with her godfather for training and mentorship.  During her training, the spirits confirmed her call to be a Mambo (Vodou priestess) and she began working with her spirits and her godfather to train and begin the call on her life.


In 2022, the spirits called Angelica to begin offering her work to help others while continually being properly trained by her godfather.  She is excited to complete the final part of her mambo (priestess) initiation in Haiti in early 2023 and continue to help others by providing psychic readings, spiritual consultations, and spiritual solutions, so that each of her clients can live their best life. 

Angelica's  services not only focus on clarity through a psychic reading but also offering spiritual solutions tailored to each client, to resolves issues in one’s life.

She uses a variety of tools, including playing cards, dice, and pendulums to deliver accurate readings that provide clarity and understanding.

In additional to her spiritual training, Angelica has a BS in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Technical Japanese.  She also spent time abroad living in Tokyo, Japan before returning to the U.S.