Mystical Kundalini: Finding Your Answers in Ancient Yogic Knowledge Class with Julia Levin

Saturday, May 28, 2022 - CANCELLED

4:00–6:00 pm

Cost: 20$ in advance (until 12pm of the day of the event), 25$ at the door


Questions and more information:

Julia, text (734) 355-4994 or email

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About the Class:

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The mystical Kundalini… Many have heard of her, but never thought that it’s something relevant to them or their lives. Kundalini (often called Kundalini Shakti) is the divine feminine energy in each of us, which could be interpreted as Holy Spirit within from the perspective of Christianity. A Sanskrit term meaning "circular" or "coiled", she resides dormant at the base of our spine waiting for the call to be awakened and start guiding us on our spiritual path.


Often people are unaware they were born with already awakened Kundalini, as they don’t have memories from this lifetime of her initial release, described by many. They do not suspect at all that things that always made them feel different, special, powerful, or not-fitting-in are signs of an awakened Kundalini.


If what's written above resonates with you and strikes your intuitive interest, then join us at Enlightened Soul Center for an interactive 2-hour class dedicated to the topic of Kundalini with yoga and meditation teacher Julia Levin. Julia will introduce you to the knowledge of the 500-year yoga tradition of Kundalini Vidya, and share:

  • Her personal Kundalini experience

  • Signs of an awakened Kundalini

  • Types and stages of the Kundalini process

  • How to help your Kundalini process to progress smoothly

  • Where to find help for the correction of difficult Kundalini risings

About Julia Levin

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Julia is a certified yoga teacher (RYT200), founder of Sea Lotus Yoga and Sea Lotus Path, and devotee of Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī (Amma). Her path started with practicing Yoga Asana in 2007 at Moksha Yoga, Montreal. Over the years, she expanded her knowledge in various aspects of yoga.


Julia received formal yoga teacher training from Durga Devi and Shiva Das at House of Yoga (Berkley, Michigan), joining their lineage of Jivamukti and Ashtanga teachers. She continued her study of yoga in Ayurveda with Krishna Peter Perry and Aiyana Athenian and in Sanskrit with Zoe Slatoff. The teachings of Ram Dass also had a big influence on her worldview.


The biggest change in Julia's yogic life happened when she started to work with her Kundalini Yoga teacher Sadhvi Viryananda Sawaswati, the heir of the 500-year-old Kundalini Vidya lineage.


Julia's graduate degree in biology, experience in research, as well as blessings of Kundalini Shakti are helping her significantly in connecting physical and metaphysical aspects of yoga, life, and the surrounding world in a coherent and comprehensive way.

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