New Prairie Music Healing Workshop with Theresa Ellis

Friday, September 20, 2019

COST: $35 in advance / $45 at the door
KIDS under 18: $15 (in advance or at the door) Purchase advance tickets

PLUS: Individual Healing Sessions on Saturday, September 21, 2019
(see below)

Questions: Theresa Ellis, 801-282-5277 

Enlightened Soul Center

3820 Packard Road #280 (2nd floor)
Ann Arbor 48108 
Free parking!

Turn at the driveway next to the US-23 overpass,
at the sign for "Gentle Dental" and "Foot & Ankle"
(Building number is not visible from the road.)

About the New Prairie Music Healing Workshop

This 90-minute hands-on interactive group workshop for children and adults is presented by Theresa Ellis, a musician, healer, and former Michigander visiting from Utah. It features use of colors and coloring/painting, words and stories, music and frequencies, and sharing and reflection of one’s unique experience.


Theresa will connect spirit to spirit with a solo violin music presentation. She uses the “Verdi” or “Pythagorean” tuning of A to 432 Hz, consistent with sacred geometry and tuned to the cosmos. Historically prevalent and sonically organic, the 432 tuning is designed to speak to the soul and sync with universal vibrations.


Life brings many trials and trauma. In order not to be stuck inside our suffering, we can get in touch with our true self, our true feelings that allows growth and moving forward. We do survive, but can also thrive. The intention of this workshop is to identify a trial, old or more recent, to reflect upon it and have more understanding of its gifts by the end of our time together. “New Prairie” from Theresa’s concept album/CD Traveler is an instrumental piece and a poem about the positive end result and impact of grassland wildfires and is a metaphor for life’s trials and resulting gifts.

Theresa Ellis Apache violin.jpeg

Another component of the workshop is coloring, drawing, and watercolor painting with materials provided. Participants can design their own art page or use a design provided.


After the healing potential of emotional release and heightened self-awareness through the activities, the culmination allows an opportunity for sharing. In the classic Native American ritual used in councils, one would take turns using a talking stick. However, in this workshop we will use a replica of an Apache violin (see photo above), which is passed from one person to another, as each has their turn to share and to honor one another.


Once you have handled this talking stick that Theresa created, you may want to make your own replica of the Apache violin, which is available as a DIY kit. These are historically accurate, based on Theresa's extensive research (although made with papier mache instead of agave wood). The kit includes materials and instructions for how to make the violin and a real wood bow with horse tail hair. Directions for how to tune and how to play it are also included, along with other ideas and its history. Apache Violin art kits cost $10 and Traveler music CDs are $20, available to purchase on both days.

On Saturday, September 21st, Theresa will offer individual Root Note Readings for $25 and 50-minute private CranioSacral Energy Massage Sessions for $65 in the Healing Room at the Enlightened Soul Center. Advance registration is available by appointment at: For more information, see below.


Individual Healing Sessions with Theresa
Saturday, September 21, 10am–4pm

Location: Healing Room, Enlightened Soul Center

Every person should learn their own "Root Note!" — Theresa Ellis

Remote Root Note Reading in Advance - $15 (Chart & results given at the 9/20 Workshop; must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance of the workshop.)


Root Note Reading in Person on Sat. 9/21 - $25, 30 minutes

Pay for the reading and then Theresa will contact you to schedule your time if in person. OR CALL/TEXT 801-282-5277 to schedule your session time!


THIS IS UNIQUE AND PERSONALIZED "ENERGY READING" EXCLUSIVELY CREATED BY THERESA! You won't find this anywhere else! Your Root Note is your body's unchangeable core vibration or core frequency sound, measured in Hertz, which is a tone on the music scale. Energy testing of your core body vibration is done through linear melodic and harmonic or chord tones of music. Your Root Note also relates to secondary notes and has corresponding colors. Theresa perceived this as a child and eventually developed a protocol for it. Knowing your Root Note and at least two secondary foundation notes will help you gain better health through better music listening choices. Knowing the colors of these tones on the color wheel can help you make other reinforcing health choices in food, clothing, chakra support, and even room decor decisions. You may want to know your best supportive notes when investing in singing bowls or flutes, or when playing music for yourself, for others, and more. The personalized, laminated, colorful chart that comes with your Root Note Reading depicts the Spiral or Circle of Fifths and has an inner wheel to dial in the Root and variations, and comes with helpful usage details. Book in advance and pick up your Root Note Chart at the workshop.  

Book an advance, distance Root Note Reading session



CranioSacral Energy Massage - $65, 50 minutes


Theresa is certified in CranioSacral Therapy and can facilitate your relief with her 20 years energy work experience, with hands that are specially attuned to your vibrations. This customized CranioSacral Bodywork Session can include choice of pain relief, relaxation, emotional balancing, or revitalizing physical energy levels. Please wear loose clothing.

Book an Energy Massage session

Theresa Ellis with violin.jpg

About Theresa Ellis, Violinist & Healer

World-class violinist/recording artist Theresa Ellis has helped pioneer the genre of Celtic Jazz with her ensemble SYNKÕFA. Though adept in a myriad of genres from classical to country, Celtic music has always been in her blood.

Of Welsh heritage, Theresa hails from Detroit, Michigan, where her musical education began at the young age of five. As a teenager, she recorded with the Motown String Sections. Her desire for an education in music led her to attend the Indiana University School of Music and she was awarded a scholarship to study in Vienna. 


Later, her career took a radical turn as she migrated to the heart of country music in Nashville, Tennessee. She was a performer in The Nashville Symphony, and became a featured fiddler/singer with legendary comedic country star Ray Stevens on the Grand Ole Opry.

In the late 1980’s Theresa moved west, where she met a Clio-award-winning recording engineer and producer James Franklin Anglesey in Salt Lake City, Utah. They formed a 5-piece instrumental group, Ellis & Franklin, and performed their own blend of electro-acoustic music using innovative instruments, with stick bass player Stephen Wesson. 


Original pieces were performed on their album called Traveler, a concept album that is about the journey of the soul on the eternal continuum. “New Prairie” is the sixth album cut and was written for Theresa by saxophonist/band member Jim Logue. The husband/wife-led group performed and recorded together from 1992 until James Franklin Anglesey’s death in 2005. 


As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, the Ellis & Franklin band is still alive today with two of its original members, Theresa Ellis and Stephen Wesson. The World Music Trio ensemble now performs as SYNKÕFA – Celtic Jazz, violin, solo upright bass, together with composer and acoustic guitarist Eric McKenna.

About Theresa's Healing Practice

As she was always intrigued with the healing aspects of the musical frequencies, Theresa Ellis studied and practiced energy work for 20 years, eventually acquiring Utah licensing in massage and bodywork.     


The Healing Tree is a Music & Wellness Clinic she established in Eden, Utah in 2014, which provides music and wellness services for area residents as well as worldwide visitors that come to Utah’s resort areas. 


Theresa facilitates to improve health by reducing stress, reducing pain, addressing chronic problems, and providing emotional and energy balancing. She teaches how to achieve and maintain optimal health balance and holds workshops designed to improve the quality of your life. Theresa works with the "vibration" or the musical rhythm in the body by incorporating energy work with all the modalities.


Theresa uses integrative therapies and modalities such as: CranioSacral Therapy (CST certified energy work), Swedish Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Massage Therapy, and Reflexology (a full-body balance through points in the feet and hands), to effect energetic physical balancing for body, mind, and spirit with hands that are attuned to your vibrations.