Psychic Saturday Party
on the 1st & 3rd Saturdays


NEXT ONE: August 21, 2021

REVISED Summer Hours: 


IN PERSON with COVID-safe procedures** (see purple box)


Readers~Shopping~Energy Healing

Admission: $3 at the door

Gifts for All Attendees! Snacks & Shopping!

Readings & Energy Work:
(15-minute minimum)

Enlightened Soul Center

3820 Packard Road #280 (2nd floor, with elevator)
Ann Arbor 48108 
Free parking!

Our building is in an office complex of several buildings on Packard Road next to the freeway overpass for US-23, just west of Carpenter Road. Find the driveway at the large sign for "Foot & Ankle" and "Gentle Dental". The building number is NOT visible from the road; building #3820 is on the left in the back, facing the freeway overpass.

Aug 21 image party - light inside head.png

Please WEAR A MASK unless you can show that you are fully vaccinated. MASKS recommended for everyone...

Waiting Area will be in the hall or kitchen. People who are NOT fully vaccinated can consume snacks while distanced from others not in their group (kitchen or hall). Thanks!

September 11 & 18, October 2 & 16

Psychic Saturday Party!!

Join us for a fun-filled day at the Enlightened Soul Center! At our twice-monthly ESC Psychic Parties (1st & 3rd Saturdays, unless changed due to a holiday), we have a variety of readers and healers for your enjoyment, along with visiting vendors for shopping! WHAT A GREAT WAY TO EXPLORE A VARIETY of readings and healings at one time, under one roof!


Sign up for readings and energy work at each individual practitioner's clipboard, centrally located on the main table. You choose the session length (15 minutes minimum), $2/minute. Some healers may choose a 20-minute minimum ($60) in order to effectively do their work.


Readers ~ $2/minute (15-min. minimum)

2nd TIME at the PARTY:
Monique Peralta - Intuitive Tarot "Bruja" (Witch)

Monique is a practitioner of Santeria, a polytheistic Afro-Cuban folk religion that blends the beliefs and customs of the Yoruba people and aspects of Catholicism. She is an intuitive tarot reader and spiritual-holistic healer. As a natural-born empath, Monique uses her gifts to help others gain clarity and insight into all areas of their life and helps guide them along their path. Monique offers a wide range of divination services including tarot, oracle, shells, crystal, and pendulum readings. She offers spiritual consultations as well as cleansings, candles, and other holistic items. Buy her products at the Enlightened Soul Center or her Etsy store and follow her journey as the Kitchen "Bruja" (Spanish for "witch") on Instagram:  or email Monique at:

kathy jordan sedgeman - NEW edited crpd.png

Kathy Jordan-Sedgeman - Intuitive Tarot

Tarot card readings can provide valuable insights, especially for those who are open to their own intuitive abilities. Are you wondering what the cards have to say to you? Sign up for a session with certified tarot card reader Kathy Jordan Sedgeman for a personalized reading that puts aside ego, explores your questions and moves you towards alignment with your core and authentic self.
Email her at:

Nancy Lane - Intuitive Channel & Medical Intuitive

Nancy is an intuitive channel guided by Spirit and a medical intuitive working closely with Archangel Michael to find answers for your questions.  Empathic and attuned to humans, animals, and objects since childhood, she has a passion for helping others, and provides valuable information on any topic.

Contact Nancy at: 734-678-0578.

Lucia Malloy_Rangel new cropped sq.png

Lucia Malloy-Rangel - Intuitive Psychic Medium

Lucia, a talented intuitive psychic medium, offers pendulum readings, psychic readings, and readings of photos, as well as connecting with your departed loved ones. She may also consult her oracle cards. She's always been intuitive, but ignored it until a near-death experience in 2016. And by taking some psychic development classes at the Enlightened Soul Center, she learned to embrace and develop her gifts. Contact her at: or learn more at:

(min. 15 minutes)


IF DESIRED, or if not fully vaccinated, both practitioners and clients will wear a mask during the service. Practitioners will not touch the client during the service unless agreed upon. The table will be cleaned and sanitized between each participant. 

Misha Tuesday - Mystic Hypnosis & Energy Balancing

Do you have physical or emotional pain? Do you want more out of life? Misha Tuesday, founder of Hypno-Energize, combines energy work with the power of hypnosis to unlock your hidden potential for success and happiness. Misha’s 30 years of experience with hypnotic language and subtle energy control can remove your limiting beliefs and access your subconscious abilities. You will feel amazing, with reduced stress, increased confidence, and the ability to create a better future. Learn more and connect at

NEW to the PARTY: Christina Mason & Erin Tarlton —
Reiki + Chakra & Aura Clearing

Reiki practitioners Chris Mason & Erin Tarlton work together to allow the client’s body to begin its healing process! Chris specializes in chakra cleansing and balancing, while Erin focuses more on aura cleansing and Reiki. Chris is a Reiki practitioner, empath, sensitive, Medical Intuitive, & clairvoyant with the ability to see the trapped/blocked energies in your chakras. She is able to help remove negative energy so that you can see your true path more clearly. Erin rebalances chakras, using light touch to balance the bio-field. She works with your vibrational energy field and “Universal energy” to encourage emotional & physical healing. Reiki allows the release of trapped negative energy, blockages and past trauma to heal the mind, body, and spirit! Learn more at:

For Sale at the Party:

NEW to the PARTY!
Nubian Healing Crystals by Erin Carter

Erin of Nubian Healing Crystals specializes in creating orgonite energy healing crystals. She also creates customized pieces as well.


Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals, and quartz that balances and harmonizes bio-energy or lifeforce energy, otherwise known as "orgone", "chi," or "prana". Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, researched orgone energy in the earlier half of the 20th century, and today’s orgonite devices are built on his findings. 


Orgonite is said to be a resonance device developed to vibrate at high frequencies. The orgone frequencies are tailored to be in harmony with the nervous system of the physical body, as well as the energy and auric fields. The frequencies promote the balancing of energies and purely mimic the earth's natural resonance.


The basic orgonite structure is alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials within polyester resin. Polyester resin is actually an organic compound, because its molecular structure contains carbon. Many crystals also contain carbon, so they too are organic. The organic compounds work to attract the "orgone" or lifeforce energy.


The important inorganic ingredient is the metal (such as copper, a great energy conductor), which most strongly activates the cleansing matrix by both attracting and repelling energy. The more layers, the more metal, the more filtration = greater purification of EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies) and other subtle energies!

Properly created orgonite pieces support maximum EMF protection and energetic alignment, and are created using healing crystal formulas to address specific intentions. You may be attracted to the pieces with money in them, for example, and the abundance healing they attract. So come get an orgonite statuette or necklace, carry it with you or put it near you, and see what it can do for you!

Learn more: Erin's Instagram Page


erin carter - orgonite incense holders.png

Kitchen Bruja Botanica - by Monique Peralta

The Kitchen Bruja ("Witch") offers artisinal, inspired sprays, oils, and other locally-made products for your spiritual protection, cleansing, & rituals, SUCH AS:

Espanta Muerto Spray - This spray is used to remove negative energies and entities. 

Jinx Remover Bath - A mixture of 7 different fresh bitter plants packaged in a bottle. Take this bath to remove all evil and negative energy.

Tarot Reader’s Cleansing Spray 

High Priestess Divination Oil - This oil can be used to dress your candles before readings. It can also be used to feed your 3rd eye and receive more intuitive downloads and clarity during readings.

Sun Goddess Body Oil - This is an oil fit for a queen. It smells like royalty in a bottle and gives you an instant “pick me up”. It attracts positive and high vibrational experiences to you.

Santa Muerte Statues - Used for altar work

Monique Peralta- Kitchen Bruja LOGO.png

Items from the ESC Shop:

Crystals from Atlantis (Arkansas) & elsewhere

Protective Stones & Sprays

Manifestation Candles

Sage, Palo Santo, & Salt to cleanse your space

Sound-Clearing Bells & Bowls

Hematite Rings to keep you grounded

Selenite in All Sizes to protect/heal your aura

Awesome Gemstone Jewelry

Items from $2 on up!

....AND MORE!!