Shamanic Healing Program with
Marjorie Farnsworth of Spirit Assist

Dr. Marjorie Farnsworth of Spirit Assist, LLC offers her Shamanic Healing Program, sharing the teachings of Core Shamanism — the healing practices of tribal medicine people. With this knowledge, you can heal yourself, go on shamanic journeys, meet power animals and spirit guides. You will also learn to heal others and heal your tribe/community, with soul retrieval, curse removal, extraction, and depossession. 


The program consists of: 

  • Three Fundamentals Classes

  • Six Advanced Classes

  • Shamanic Clinics for graduates


The classes must be taken in order.


Questions: Britni Beverlin, Registrar: email

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TO SEE CLASS DATES, LEARN MORE, & REGISTER, click on the links below.

Full refund will be given if requested at least 1 week before class.

NO REFUNDS for series purchased at a discount, unless there is a cancellation on our end.
Refund request must be made in writing to:


Shamanic Healing Fundamentals Classes ($35 each, retakes $20):
Fundamentals Classes build on each other and MUST BE TAKEN IN ORDER!


CLICK HERE to READ MORE about Fundamentals Classes or to REGISTER!


2:00–4:30 pm (2.5 hours each):

  1. Fundamentals I, Introduction and Journeying  

  2. Fundamentals II, Working with Energy 

  3. Fundamentals III, Communication with Spirits  

Shamanic Healing Advanced Classes ($40 each, retakes $25):

Fundamentals Classes are a pre-requisite for the Advanced Classes.

Classes 1–3 can be taken out of order, but 4–6 MUST BE TAKEN IN ORDER.


CLICK HERE to READ MORE about Advanced Classes or to REGISTER!

SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, 2:00–5:00 pm (3 hours each):

  1. Advanced Class I, Soul Retrieval

  2. Advanced Class II, Extraction

  3. Advanced Class III, Curse Removal

  4. Advanced Class IV, Depossession #1

  5. Advanced Class V, Depossession #2

  6. Advanced Class VI, Practicum

***Classes 1–3 can be taken out of order. 4–6 MUST BE TAKEN IN SEQUENCE!***


Shamanic Healing Clinics ($40 each for students, $25 for clients):

Clinics allow student graduates to practice Shamanic assessment and healing techniques under the supervision of Dr. Farnsworth. Public welcome as clients!


CLICK HERE to READ MORE about Shamanic Healing CLINICS or to register!

Clients are invited to sign up for a limited number of 1.5-hour clinic appointments, either 2:00 pm or 3:30 pm, one Saturday a month at the Enlightened Soul Center. Advance payment required.


Questions: Britni Beverlin, Registrar: email


By registering, students and clients agree that all classes are taken at their own risk, and agree not to hold Spirit Assist Shamanic Healing or The Enlightened Soul Center liable in the case of accident, injury, or loss related to their participation in any Spirit Assist class or clinic. Spirit Assist LLC reserves the right to refuse to treat a client and/or to dismiss a student for any reason.

About Dr. Marjorie Farnsworth

As a shamanic practitioner, Marjorie Farnsworth, MBA, MHt, PhD, works with bright, ambitious, mostly positive people who may be struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression, and who have not been able to find relief through the usual channels of psychology, counseling, or psychiatric medications. These people would like to reclaim their power and happiness in life. Some also suffer from scattered thinking, chronic issues with fatigue, illness, or misfortune, or who cannot remember the last time they felt joy. Still others feel like they never fit in anywhere, and struggle to find their direction in life.


Dr. Marjorie has been practicing Shamanism for 17 years, in additional to being a clinical hypnotherapist, life coach, and professional public speaker. She owns three businesses in Ann Arbor:  Spirit Assist Shamanic Healing, Spirit Assist Hypnotherapy, and Life After Corporate. She started her businesses after working as a middle manager for the Fortune 500 for almost 25 years, living in the Far East for over 2 years, traveling around the world, and earning master's degrees in both Chinese Literature and Business Management.

Contact Marjorie at:, tel 734-347-8180

Learn more at:

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