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Practitioner at the Enlightened Soul Center
Available for drop-in during select open hours (check our calendar)
and by appointment (contact her directly)

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Intuitive Healer: Holy Fire Reiki, Foot Reflexology, and Integrated Spiritual Coaching


Reiki - $60/30 mins, $90/1 hour

Foot Reflexology - $60/30 mins, $90/1 hour

Reiki/Reflexology Fusion - $90/1 hour

Integrative Spiritual Coaching - $100/1 hour, $125/90 mins

(734) 531-8876 or


Tina began her conscious spiritual journey in the holistic arts field in 2006. She was inspired by her own personal experiences with childhood trauma and health challenges as an adult to find alternative treatments that promote total body, mind, and spirit wellness. As she explored this path, she was drawn to hands-on healing techniques such as Reiki and Reflexology. She also found that an integrative approach that includes spiritual coaching along with energy healing helps to provide a foundation for person-centered healing that addresses all areas: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

In 2012, Tina learned about Reiki and how to give self-Reiki to help promote healing and deep inner peace. Then in 2013 she began to really see the benefits of regular self-Reiki practice when she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Used in conjunction with traditional cancer treatments, the Reiki energy helped to alleviate the side effects of treatment and shortened the recovery time from surgery. Tina continued to learn and take Reiki classes and in 2018 received her certification as a Holy Fire Reiki Master.

While giving Reiki sessions, Tina frequently found herself drawn to the client’s feet and the energy there. Our feet are what ground us to the Earth and there are many nerves in the feet that connect to every area of the body. In 2021 she took clinical Reflexology courses in Okemos, MI and Madison Heights, MI and received her certification as a Reflexologist in 2021. Reflexology is the process of applying pressure to specific targeted points on the feet that correspond to every gland and organ in the body. By stimulating a nerve reaction through feel-good pressure, we can help to remove toxins, alleviate pain, improve blood flow and circulation, assist with healing from many physical and emotional ailments, and promote relaxation and stress relief. During Reflexology sessions, Tina offers a complementary foot soak with essential oils.

Tina also offers Intuitive Spiritual Coaching sessions for clients who wish to do deeper dives and work on releasing traumas and limiting beliefs, learn to fully accept and love themselves as they are, create new coping skills to help manage stress, identify and ask for their needs, and create life skills that help to facilitate positive and lasting changes. Some of the tools used during sessions may include self-acceptance process work, guided meditations, EFT tapping, using affirmations, releasing limiting beliefs, gentle body energy movements, and heart-centered breath work. Reiki energy may also be incorporated for maximum healing benefit. Sessions are uniquely tailored for each client’s needs.

Tina has a background in the medical administrative field and has worked for several large health care organizations. She has also served as a volunteer for hospice patients and mental health recovery groups. Tina currently works as a trained peer support specialist assisting people who have mental health challenges. By combining her skills in the holistic healing arts with her knowledge and training in the mental health recovery field, she offers a highly individualized approach to helping clients reach their health and wellness goals. Tina sees every person as already whole and complete and meets them wherever they are on their healing journey. 

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