Channeled Readings with Enos, Master Teacher, on ZOOM

Channelled by Michelle Michael
Moderated by Ed Meurer, (703) 731-1294

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

7:00–9:00pm Eastern Time

See you in 2021!

Join betw. 6:30–6:45pm for orientation;
No registrations after 6:30 pm.

NOTE: No log-in after 7pm, so as not to disturb the channel.

An online event on Zoom!
No Zoom account is necessary, but you'll want to download the Zoom program and test it at:


Participants will be emailed the Zoom link by the afternoon of the event.

ZOOM QUESTIONS: Text Ed at 703-731-1294.


Advance registration REQUIRED to reserve your spot. SPACE LIMITED to 10 so that all may receive a personal response. 

About the Event:

Michelle Michael is a highly sensitive psychic, medium, and intuitive channeler. With her channeling skills, she has developed a close relationship with a Spiritual Master Teacher named Enos. Enos is known in the Old Testament of the Bible as a grandson of Adam and the first-born son of Seth.


Enos will, through Michelle, share channeled messages offering his wisdom, guidance, and teachings in response to your personal questions. With his gentle humor, warmth, and honesty, as well as his deeper perspective of the human experience, you will gain insight and a deeper awareness of yourself.


Any topic can be discussed – Enos feels that if your question is important to you, then it is important for him to discuss it with you. It is his intention and purpose to be of service to others in helping them with the answers and guidance they are seeking. Therefore, it is requested that each attendee come prepared with a topic or question for Enos to answer.


You will leave the evening feeling uplifted, having received deeper understanding, counsel, and knowledge from a higher source, Universal Master Teacher, Enos.

What people have said about their experience with Enos:

“I want to thank you and Enos for the information regarding my son's death: Letting me know that he had given up and  just allowed himself to waste away since it was too hard to remain here (I thought it might have been from Covid-19). But most importantly, telling me that he knew I loved him and he loved me too and was sorry for leaving 'such a mess' and would try to help all he could from the other side. It gave me a sense of peace, knowing he was able to communicate through Enos to me and his sister. Bless you both.” — Bess H.

“I was amazed at what I re-learned from this wonderful gentleman, Enos. I was made aware of the difference between acting as an adult instead of a parent. I found this interesting, since one participant was talking about issues with their adult child. It made a great deal of sense to look at it as one adult talking to another adult, as it turned out that another participant also was dealing with three or four adult children and how to handle her situation; and this was addressed, only in different wording, but the meaning was the same. What a great AHHH-HAAAA!  I also was amazed at the answer to what I needed guidance on, and all it was, was the Ego getting in the way. Wow! Shame on me...That will be another step in my growth, thanks to the channeling of Enos. Thank you again for such an enlightened gathering.” — Flora A.

“An experience with Enos and Michelle will leave you feeling rejuvenated, hopeful, guided, and truly inspired. Enos's teachings and truths ring clearly in modern language, keeping the concepts relevant and fresh and even fun! Treat yourself to an evening of new perspectives with this higher messenger of hope.” — Rev. Kevin Lee, Speaker, Author, Spiritual Business Coach, Medium

“Enos provided thoughtful advice about a soured family relationship. Enos said that my family member had changed but I hadn’t, and cautioned me about talking about the situation with other family members. The insightful advice provided relief in a way I never would have anticipated.” — Kathy, Ann Arbor, MI

"The channeling session with Enos was incredible! The insights and advice given in response to my question were spot-on and really resonated with me. I also found the insight and advice given in response to other participants' questions to be extremely valuable too. The whole experience was very uplifting and life-reaffirming. I would highly recommend this event to everyone!” — Cindy M, Orchard Lake, MI

“The session with Enos was very affirming! I like the way he empowers people to take control of their own life.” — Joanne S., Tecumseh MI

“I have had the honor having a reading from Enos thru Michelle Michael. I felt the information received was clear and concise. I was very happy with the answers and guidance I received. I would recommend Michelle to anyone who would like a reading from Enos.” — Frank R.

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NOTE: We ask participants to stay until the end, because everyone will benefit from hearing the wisdom that is provided to others, and to avoid disruptions to the group energy or distraction to the channel.​

Tech/Registration Questions:

Ed Meurer, 703-731-1294


To contact Michelle for a private reading or to schedule an event:

Call/text: 248-224-0552

About Michelle Michael:

For years, Michelle Michael has used her Intuitive level of connection to Spirit and Universal Source to provide guidance and life coaching to others. It has now become her life purpose to offer more people around the world access to the wisdom of Enos.

Michelle was trained by master teachers at the Spiritualist School in Camp Chesterfield, Indiana. She also received training in at the United Metaphysical Church in Roanoke, Virginia, and the Findhorn Institute in Scotland, in addition to training with certified mediums across the Midwest region of the U.S., in the interest of continuing her intuitive & psychic development.

More about Michelle: 
Call/text: 248-224-0552 or email

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