Virtual Healing Energy Vortex - Guided Meditation
with Christa Lynn on Zoom

No healing skills needed! All done via guided meditation that you follow!

NEXT Virtual Vortex:

Monday, November 2, 2020
8:00–9:00pm (sign in betw 7:30-7:45pm)

(See this page for our in-person Vortexes)

An online event on Zoom!
No Zoom account is necessary.

Participants will be emailed the Zoom link on the day of the event.

ADVANCE REGISTRATION up to 7:00 pm REQUIRED so we can email the Zoom link

Cost: Donation 
(minimum $10 suggested)
Your payment is your registration; we will email the Zoom link and instructions to your email address given in the Paypal payment by the afternoon of the event. If you don't see the Zoom link, check your spam or junk email folder FIRST. Then text Zoom host Claire at: 734-353-0581

Select the line at the BOTTOM of the Paypal window that says: “Donate with a Debit or Credit Card”. 


You may be asked to log into Paypal first (if it recognizes your device). 

ALSO: JOIN US IN PERSON for LIVE Healing Energy Vortex Experiences at the Enlightened Soul Center on 3rd Mondays: 

September 21, October 19, November 16



No Zoom account is necessary, but you'll want to download the Zoom program and test it at:

IF YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED the ZOOM LINK by the afternoon of the event, TEXT Zoom Host Claire at 734-353-0581

About the Virtual Healing Energy Vortex

Have you wanted to help heal the Earth and everyone on it, especially now with the coronavirus pandemic? This is a great way to do it! Experience powerful, intense healing energy as the group unites their vibrations to create the VORTEX!


Christa Lynn will guide participants step-by-step through the Healing Energy Vortex Experience. It begins with a guided meditation, to prepare our bodies for the intense healing energy of the vortex. Then we will create the vortex while imagining sitting in a circle and VIRTUALLY holding hands. We send the energy vortex down to Mother Earth, to thank her for all she provides for us. We send it around the whole planet to all living things in need. Then we bring it back into the circle again to send healing energy out to our friends and loved ones.


Finally, the best part of all, we will bring this huge healing vortex energy back into ourselves, for our own personal healing.


Join us and find how much better you can feel!

About Christa Lynn

Christa Lynn Muka is an intuitive energy channeler, certified in Reiki and Quantum Healing. In 2003, she had an intense spiritual experience, which caused the healing energy that she channels to become incredibly strong. This healing energy can radiate to an entire room full of people. She creates Healing Energy Vortexes, which are intense energy fields that surround and envelop group participants. The group adds its energy to hers for a unique healing event that you just have to experience for yourself.
Contact Christa at: 586-214-7160 or

Comments from Participants:

“Thank you! I think it was great! I still feel the healing and warm energy inside me…I don’t think it was a coincidence I think I needed to be in tonight’s meditation and it was meant to be!”
— Olga T., Southfield MI

"I was super anxiety is gone now."


"I did sleep pretty well last night and had more energy today. Felt more motivated too."


"Last week was a tremendous help! Thank you!💗"

"The guided meditation was so beautiful and relaxing. Energy still moving in me, finding the places where it needs to go😊❤"


“Thanks for the vortex meditation, Christa. I feel like the energy is starting to waver down but I still feel the love and it’s so weirdly amazing. Is this what vortex meditations usually feel like?”

“That rocked, Christa Lynn. I live in a hammock in Florida and was looking at a fountain as the vortex that you took to a mist. I always held hands in meditations that are virtual, as I would in person. The great convergence...don't doubt it, anybody. Blessed be, Sister.”
- Katrina Anne

“Thanks so much Christa! That was wonderful.”

“That was nice!! I feel buzzy.’
— Nancy G.

“Your meditations are good and I feel compelled to follow your instructions or leadership to the source! The session was very powerful and to generate that much vibrating power with only 6 people plus others praying was awesome. Your instructions for the meditation were very good! It is easy to follow and interesting along the way!” 
Thank you, Louise

“Christa, yesterday was excellent and the power was awesome!”

“I feel sooo peaceful yet buzzing with energy in a peaceful way (if that makes sense!). I highly recommend you try this vortex thing! We also send healing to the Earth, to people we know, and to ourselves. It's magical!”
- Amy Metafizzy Garber

“I jumped in 15 minutes late but I still got so relaxed immediately that I got a good deep experience out of it. I could totally relate when Louise said, it felt like it went on longer than it did.”
Jilly Bean


“Thanks for the healing, it was wonderful.”
- Barbara Smith-Klein 

“It was my first Monday meditation online and it was very powerful and healing! Thank you Christa Lynn and everyone ❤ still feeling it! Awesome!”
- Cristina Pavey

“Christa Lynn: It was amazing. Thank you for your gifts.”
- Lynn A Drum 

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