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Intuition Development School with Amy Garber

Come explore and excel in a powerful way that you just can’t do yourself with a book or an impersonal online crowd. Not just for those who want to do readings for a living. Developing one's intuition ENHANCES living! Amy teaches three levels of Intuition Development Classes that move you in sequence through awareness exercises and background information to practicing doing readings for each other and others. Then Reading Practice Class allows you to synthesize all your training by giving free short readings to invited guests over a 6-week series. LEARN & LAUGH with other like-minded people!

Prices vary

Intuition Development Class Level 1

Check the web page or contact Amy for upcoming dates!

Come explore intuition in a powerful way that you just can’t do yourself with a book or online. Not just for those who want to do readings for a living. EVERYONE has intuition, and developing one's intuition enhances living! Learn & laugh with other like-minded people in a safe environment with no pressure.

$200 for 8-week series ($25/class)

Intuition Development Class Level 2

Pre-requisite: Level 1 or Instructor Permission
Check the web page or contact Amy for upcoming dates!

Continue your exploration with loads of practice exercises, from standard confirmation tools like pendulum and tarot, to less common tools like inspired writing and visualization. Additional techniques like chakra-sensing, tuning into people at a distance, and speed-reading are also employed. However, we don't use the pendulum or cards in a traditional way. Come ready to practice and to cement your learning with homework!

$200 for 8-week series ($25/class)

Intuition Development Class Level 3

Pre-requisite: Level 2 or Instructor Permission
Check the web page or contact Amy for upcoming dates!

This final class in the Intuition Development series combines theory with practice. Some topics like remote viewing, channeling, ethics, and language are always covered, while the class gets to vote on other activities, such as mediumship, medical intuition, and intuitive drawing.

$200 for 8-week series ($25/class)

Reading Practice Class, 6-Week Series

6:00–8:30 PM 

6 Fridays, July 17–Aug. 21

You can also apply to be a client and get free 10-minute practice readings!

This class offers practice and confirmation of intuitive gifts for those who have already studied psychic development. For the first 1 or 2 weeks, students give readings to each other; the following weeks, students practice with invited guests. Since the "clients" know this is a practice class and aren't paying for the readings, it is a safe space with no performance anxiety.

$150 (installment payments OK)

Tarot Reader Certification 4-Class Series

With Amy Bacon, psychic medium
For new class schedule, check calendar or contact Amy B. at

This is a comprehensive tarot course to learn the cards, spreads, how to give a reading, and practice giving readings. The Rider Waite tarot deck and all materials are included. Students receive a certificate that verifies they have completed the course and can give reliable and accurate readings.

$222 includes tarot deck, certification, and 10 class hours

Reiki Training with John Steinbauer

Contact John to schedule Reiki Training at or 248-445-2590

During the classes, you will learn extensively through video, literature, and hands-on practice. Plus you will learn to heighten your psychic abilities, intuition, and empathic abilities. You will also be learning tapping techniques, and several different aspects of Reiki that will broaden your healing abilities. The class will also touch on sound healing and the many healing techniques that can compliment Reiki.

$250 for individual classes, $225 each class bundled

"Astrology 101: Interpreting the Language of the Stars"

Contact Spencer to inquire about classes: or 734-834-2990

Join Spencer Michaud for an introduction to western astrology & its symbolic language. The class will explore the basic concepts of astrology such as planets, signs, & houses, and also discuss the differences between modern psychological astrology & some newly rediscovered traditional methods from ancient Greece. 


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