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Upcoming Events at ESC
This page presents both our one-time events as well as events that are offered periodically. Read the details by clicking the title or the "Learn More" button! See our repeated ongoing events too.

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Tuesday–Friday, 12:00–7:00pm & Saturday, 12:00-6:00 pm (except during special events & holidays)

Costs, minimums, & types of practitioners vary 

See the list of Practitioners (Psychic Readers & Energy Healers)

The Enlightened Soul Center & Shop's mission includes providing services in the holistic and intuitive arts in the form of psychic readings, tarot & oracle card readings, energy healing sessions, massage, sound healing, & MORE! Our 10 renters plus other talented guest practitioners take turns being on-duty during our open hours to serve you. Drop in or make an appointment!

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Psychics ~ Tarot & Oracle Cards ~ Mediums ~ Energy Healing ~ Shopping!

1st & 3rd Weekends of the Month!

Saturdays 12:006:00 pm $5, Sundays 12:00–5:00 pm $3

Admission includes FREE gift, parking, snacks, shopping!

          Sessions $2/minute, readings 15-min. minimum (Energy healing minimums vary)


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Enlightened Soul 2-Day Beltane Blessings Psychic Fair - June 1–2
Psychics ~ Tarot & Oracle Cards ~ Mediums ~ Energy Healing ~ Shopping!

Saturday, 12:006:00 pm ~ Admission $5

Sunday, 12:00–5:00 pm ~ Admission $3

Sessions $2.00/minute, Minimum session lengths vary.


Admission includes FREE parking, snacks, & shopping and FREE talks on Saturday.. Learn more

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SoulSong Sound Healing with Aravinda Kumar

Sunday, May 26, 2024
4:00–5:00 pm

COST: $20 advance / $25 at the door


Receive peace and divine communion with Aravinda Kumar's SoulSong – a sound bath event dedicated to harmonizing your inner world through the power of mantra and melody. Aravinda interweaves his soul-stirring voice with the ambient strums of guitar and the ethereal resonance of singing bowls and other meditative instruments, for a completely relaxing & energizing experience. Learn more

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The Power and Purpose of Crystals and Grids with Intuitive Medium Nikki Wisniewski

Wednesday, June 5, 2024, 6:30–8:30pm 
Cost: $33


Energy is our core essence and is how we connect with our intuition, guidance, and even each other. This class explores human energy and how it works. We will have activities and experiences and activities that help you feel your energy, see auras, and assess and balance your chakras.  Learn more

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Become an Ordained Minister in the Order of Melchizedek with Rev. Daniel Chesbro from Conesus, N.Y.

Sunday, June 9, 2024 
1:00–5:00 PM

Includes certificate, workshop, and energy transfer during ordination ceremony (LIKE AN ATTUNEMENT!)


Become a minister in the Order of Melchizedek at this Ordination Ceremony. As an ordained priest, you will be able to perform legal weddings, baptisms, funerals/ memorials, sacred rituals, and ceremonies. Those who do healing work, energy work, body work, or intuitive readings/counseling may wish to become ordained, as a form of legitimacy and protection, as well as a statement of their spiritual path.  Learn more

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Level 1 Intuition Development Class with Amy Garber


8 Mondays, 6:30–9:00pm

New dates: June 24–August 12, 2024

COST: $200 ~ Payment plans available ~ Credit/Debit & Venmo accepted


Everyone has intuition! Explore yours in a supportive, fun, series with lots of hands-on activities that decrease performance anxiety and increase confidence! This isn't just for people who want to become a professional reader (although you can). Learning to trust your intuition can help you in life: for making decisions, getting a heads-up about people & situations, and avoiding pitfalls.  Learn more

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Connecting with Spirit with Intuitive Medium Nikki Wisniewski

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Cost: $33


Messages are all around us - a light pops on or off unexpectedly, the phone rings just as you were thinking of someone, that dream that keeps recurring, you are seeing repeating numbers everywhere, or maybe you are just feeling more aware and connected! We all have natural gifts and abilities, but are often unaware of them. This class helps you open up to your connection, discover and develop your natural abilities, explore what these messages are, where they come from, and the many ways we can connect to receive our messages.  Learn more

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Usui Reiki I Certification Training with Jennifer LaFeldt, LMT, RMT


Saturday, June 22, 2024



Reiki promotes relaxation and inner peace by helping to clear stagnant energy and bring balance to your energetic systems. This class teaches Japanese Reiki techniques as created by Dr. Mikao Usui. In this class, you will learn Reiki hand positions, as well as how to use Reiki for specific conditions. You will be qualified to practice Reiki for yourself and others upon completion of this class. A certificate will be given at the end of the day.  Learn more

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Beyond the Veil: Demystifying Mediumship with Intuitive Medium Nikki Wisniewski

6 Mondays, 6:30–8:30 pm
Cost: $33


Mediumship is the ability to connect and communicate with loved ones who are in Spirit. We all have the ability to connect, and many of us have had spontaneous experiences of feeling that connection. Develop your mediumship abilities with this 6-part class series. Explore the various ways we connect, how to receive communication from those on the Other Side, how to develop and strengthen our abilities, and how to discern the information and messages coming through.  Learn more

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