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Be a Drop-in Practitioner at the Enlightened Soul Center & Shop!

A "Drop-in" Practitioner is onsite during open hours at the Enlightened Soul Center & Shop (ESC), to supplement the services offered by the monthly renters. Drop-in practitioners are available for any customers who walk in or call to get reading or healing services. Lightworkers who offer psychic or tarot readings, Reiki/energy healing work, or other holistic services that fit with the ESC's mission are welcome to serve.


We also have a twice-monthly professional opportunity for those who are ready to handle consecutive clients in a fair setting. Must be able to use a timer to track session lengths, bring cash to make change, and have a method to take credit cards (Square is recommended). To learn more, see THIS HIDDEN PAGE.



We like to have at least one energy worker and one or two readers onsite during open hours. These can be Drop-in Practitioners, Monthly Renters, or any combination. Monthly Renters have first pick for open hours, but must register their hours the week before, or we will seek Drop-in Practitioners to fill in.


Open hours are Tuesday-Friday, 12:00-7:00 pm and Saturdays, 12:00–6:00 pm. (NOTE: There are no Drop-in opportunities on Fair Saturdays, the first and third Saturday of the month.) There is also a person working the front counter who will greet visitors, help customers in the store, and take store purchases. 


Instead of hourly or monthly rent, Drop-in Practitioners pay ESC 25% of any paid sessions they have while they are on duty. So while Drop-in Practitioners are not guaranteed to have business, there is little risk involved in serving onsite hours, other than time.


  • Receive promotion on our social media platforms in advance of, and on the day of, your residence

  • A sign with your bio and photo will be on the front counter for everyone to see while you are on duty

  • Your business cards will be on display with your bio sign while you are on duty

  • Have the opportunity to get new clients

  • Ability to practice your craft, and get professional experience if you recently learned a new modality

  • Work in a high-vibrational environment with other like-minded lightworkers!


Drop-in Practitioners can serve as long as there is room to accommodate them. We have one small room, Room 3, that may be available for Drop-in Practitioners. If Room 3 is not available (due to an hourly rental or the private use of the Monthly Shared Renter), then Drop-in Practitioner may be moved to the Classroom Kitchen, the Event Room, or in the Back Lobby. Please indicate on the online application if you need an enclosed space with a door for privacy (we would automatically assume this is needed for Energy Healers). Room 3 and the Kitchen Classroom are private if the door is closed and a hangtag sign is placed on the doorknob. The Event Room is semi-private because its door is not soundproof. The Back Lobby is an alternate location for readings, where a privacy screen or room divider can be placed to block off the view.

Drop-in Practitioners are expected to be able to take their own clients' payments by cash, credit & debit card (such as with Square or Paypal), or other electronic means (Venmo, CashApp). Extra cash change may be available at the front counter if needed.

Payment to ESC for 25% of paid customer sessions is expected on the day earned. Cash or check is preferred; otherwise, Venmo to @Amy-Metafizzy-Garber is also acceptable. Paypal now takes a fee when paying a business, and cannot be used for rent payments, unless paid to Amy's personal Paypal account,

TO APPLY: Fill out the application below.

NOTIFY: After you have filled out the application, please alert Amy Garber, ESC owner, by texting 734-358-0218 or emailing

HOW TO BOOK DROP-IN HOURS (once you are accepted):
1. Check our calendar to see where our coverage needs filling. Do we have a reader and a healer the entire time we're open on the particular day you're looking at? If not, can you come during the hours we need someone? 
2. TEXT owner Amy Garber at: (734) 358-0218 to request Drop-in hours. Amy will determine which room is available and confirm your request.

3. We may need to move drop-in practitioners to a different room than originally booked, depending on rentals and other room use requests and requirements.

4. Quick/urgent questions about booking hours: Text Amy at 734-358-0218.

NOTE: If you have trouble filling out this application on your phone, please try this link to open the form in a new window (instead of a web page):
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