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Practitioner at the Enlightened Soul Center
Available for drop-in during select open hours (check our calendar)
and by appointment (CLICK HERE to BOOK)

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Intuitive & Medium / Coach, Author, Teacher


Readings: $2 per minute, 15 minute minimum

Dream Interpretation: $2 per minute, 15 minute minimum

Mediumship: $2 per minute, 30 minute minimum


Contact (313)506-4844 or


Nikki blends intuition, experience, and skill to mainstream the magic all around us, educating and enabling clients to trust their gifts, access authenticity, navigate person transformation, and live their best lives. A gifted intuitive and medium, Nikki has also written and teaches extensively on topics ranging from dream analysis, energy, and symbology to intentionality, intuition, divination, and manifestation.


Intuitive Readings: Guidance and messages about life path, challenges, love, career, and more. Gain clarity, insight, and direction through Nikki’s intuitive gifts and spirit-guide connection supported by tarot, oracle, Lenormand, and pendulum.


Mediumship: Connection, communication, and messages from loved in spirit.

Dream Interpretation: unlock the messages and meaning hidden in your dreams and discover how they can power up your life.

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