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Mandala Rock Painting 

with Deepti Guruprasad

Friday, March 29, 2019

6:30–8:00 pm
All materials provided!


Cost: $20 / Payment required to reserve your spot.

SPACE LIMITED! RSVP before Friday at:

PayPal invoice will be provided on RSVP.



mandala painting.JPG
deepti guruprasad.jpg

Mandalas, or “sacred circles” in Sanskrit, are thought to be holograms of the cosmos as well as maps of individual consciousness. Creating mandalas activate pathways between the mind and the body and can be beneficial to health and well-being. It provides a relaxing meditative experience and helps in centering and integrating the self.

Mandalas are a core concept in Art Therapy, and the emphasis is on the process and not the product. Learn more about this at the American Art Therapy Association website:


Come engage in a couple of hours of creative expression as you’re guided through the process of painting mandalas on rocks. No previous art experience is necessary — just follow your intuition and have fun! All materials will be provided.

Deepti Guruprasad is a passionate Clinical Psychologist & Art Therapist and is trained to facilitate the creative process. She's excited to make this creative therapy and mindfulness process affordable to the community through workshops at the Center!

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