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Psychic Saturday Party
Monthly on the 2nd Saturday!

Saturday, April 13, 2019



AND DOOR PRIZES for those who arrive in the first hour!

Admission: $3 at the door
Readings & (when available) Energy Work: 
$2/minute* (15-minute minimum)
*Unless otherwise noted

Enlightened Soul Center

3820 Packard Road #280 (2nd floor)
Ann Arbor 48108 
Free parking!

Turn at the driveway next to the US-23 overpass,
at the large sign for "Gentle Dental" and "Foot & Ankle".

NOTE: Building number not visible from the road; 
follow the white ESC yard signs.

Grass and Flowers

April Psychic Saturday Party

April 13, 2019, Noon–5:00 pm

of our next parties:

2nd Saturday of each month!

January 12, 2019     July 13, 2019

February 9, 2019    August 10, 2019   
March 9, 2019        Sep. 14, 2019

April 13, 2019         October 12, 2019

May 11, 2019          Nov. 9, 2019

June 8, 2019           Dec. 14, 2019

Psychic Saturday Party!!

Join us for a fun-filled day at the Enlightened Soul Center! At our monthly ESC Psychic Parties, we have a variety of readers and healers for your enjoyment, along with occasional vendors for shopping! WHAT A GREAT WAY TO EXPLORE A VARIETY of readings and healings at one time, under one roof!


Sign up for readings and energy work at each individual practitioner's clipboard, centrally located on the main table. Session lengths vary (15 minutes minimum), $2/minute. 


Elaine Yanni Fink - Angel Drawing Readings*

Elaine has always been an artist. She feels Grace has been activated into her artwork. The healing Grace is infused into the angel drawings and the messages and words that accompany the drawings.  Angels have always been messengers. The words are inspired and intuited from the angels and God's messengers. 

At the Psychic Saturday Party, Elaine will be creating personalized Angel drawings/paintings containing wonderful messages of love, inspiration, hope, and healing. A one-hour reading resulting in a 9 x12-inch painting is $100, a 30-minute reading with a 5.5 by 8.5 drawing will also be available for $60.


Contact Elaine at (810) 560-0045.

Krysia Hepatica - Twin Flame & Soulmate Readings

Krysia recently had her awakening and has started channeling Twin Flames and Soulmate energy on her YouTube channel "Luxe Odette." At the party, she will be offering personal Twin Flame and Soulmate readings. Krysia channels the current energy for Twin Flames in separation or semi-separation for the both the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. She reports on each’s thinking, feeling, and will/action and also astrological aspects that may be affecting the journey. Krysia also offers channeled Soulmate readings about you and a specific person, to discover the nature of your relationship and the potential challenges. 

Marielle Gagne - Mediumship & Medical Intuition

Marielle (Mar) offers mediumship, medical intuition, communication with your guides, your soul's purpose, and anything else that comes through. Mar gives fun, positive messages that could change your life! Contact her at: 720-212-5256 or

Rev. Amy Garber - Past Lives, Channeled Readings

Amy is clairvoyant, clairaudient, a medical intuitive, and channel for her Master Guide, Philonius. Featured on an Ann Arbor episode of HGTV's "Househunters," she perfectly described the house that would be purchased. Amy aids you on your path by consulting with your Higher Self/soul, your spirit guides, and your angels, for the highest good of all concerned. Her readings can explore your current incarnation and past lives. Future predictions usually come with a numerical percentage of probability — because of the free will of everyone involved. Amy is also the co-founder and director of the Enlightened Soul Center.

Laura Berlin - Palmistry, Psychometry, Mediumship

Laura is a skilled psychic who does readings by psychometry, by holding a personal object and using her gifts of seeing, hearing, and feeling. In the reading, she also uses palmistry and mediumship, where you may receive messages from a loved one. She covers love, health, finances, job, career, travel, and more, and can assist and guide you through spiritual counseling.

Contact Laura Berlin at:

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Jamie Vos - Holy Fire Reiki, Shamanic Healing, & Purple Light Ray*

Jamie Vos is an intuitive channeler, medium, and Reiki Master. She is extremely passionate about helping people transform their energy through healing. Her healing promotes relaxation and supports physical and emotional healing at the root cause level. It is infused with Holy Fire Reiki, shamanic elements, and the purple light ray. She integrates intuitive messages into each session by sharing the information she channels. Jamie services clients both locally and internationally with energy healing, readings, and intuitive development. Sessions with Jamie are $1.00/minute, 15-minute minimum.


Contact: 734.845.2410,

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doTERRA by Christina — Essential Oils

Come learn just a few of the ways to include essential oils in your every day life. Essential oils naturally help with anxiety, attention span, digestion, pain, and so much more! Many products on the market today contain ingredients that pollute our bodies and the environment, while essential oils can improve our lives safely without chemicals or harsh ingredients. Instead of toxic side effects, essentials oils have healthy benefits. Make-and-take rollerballs will be available!


More info: Contact Christina DePugh, 734-968-9723,

Zilis - Hemp Oil Products

​Gold standard hemp oil with CBD (THC free)! Discover hemp oil benefits: Helps with anti-swelling, promotes stable mood, helps with numerous other conditions. UltraCell™: Blends full-spectrum hemp oil with prebiotics and antioxidants, contains a myriad of naturally occurring phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids. Zilis products are made with a proprietary technology that converts oil content into a water-soluble form to maximize bioavailability. Presented by Zilis Ambassador Susan Travis. 

ZYTO Scans from Dr. Kathy's Natural Remedies

ZYTO uses a simple galvanic skin response scan which can help inform your wellness decisions by providing accurate readings directly from your body. This is similar to a lie detector test. ZYTO scanning involves presenting questions in the form of digital signatures that the body answers directly, using a hand cradle to transport the data from your hand. An 18-page report is generated to help the client determine which areas of the body are a priority and need support. Homeopathic Remedies from Deseret Biologicals are generally recommended and are priced in addition to the scan.


ZYTO scans are regularly $75.00. Psychic Party Special: $50.00 (includes consultation and 18-page report)

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