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ARC Chamber Healing Sessions

Saturday, February 3, 2018
Sessions are by advance appointment or walk-in.

To schedule a session or for any questions:  Please contact Rael VeraJoy by calling or texting 734-755-6534

Enlightened Soul Center

3820 Packard Road #280 (2nd floor)
Ann Arbor 48108 
Free parking!

Turn at the driveway next to the US-23 overpass,
at the sign for "Gentle Dental" and "Foot & Ankle"
(Building number is not visible from the road.)

Session Prices for
the ARC Chamber:

NEW! 22 mins for $33

33 mins for $44

44 mins for $55

55 mins for $60

66 mins for $66

77 mins for $77

88 mins for $88

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”   —Nikola Tesla

What is the ARC Chamber?

The ARC Chamber is a DNA activator/harmonizer that Rael was divinely guided by a highly advanced race to build. She was given the entire blueprint for it in a dream. ARC stands both for “Arcing Rainbow Connection” and for Arcturians. Through further instructions while meditating, she was also divinely guided to integrate all the chamber’s instrumental ancient technologies; light, color, sound, pyramid, crop circle, and orgone energies into one experience. Light, color, and sound are all frequencies and the basic building blocks of creation. They have been powerful tools utilized throughout the ages. The ARC Chamber experience is a grand cellular massage of sorts, going very deeply into all of one’s being and subtle bodies, harmonizing all sub-atomic particles of their being throughout all dimensions. The pyramid energies transcend “time and space” placing one into a zero point/pure potentiality field, so it is best to place an intention before entering into such a powerful field.

Many have shared that their chamber session assisted them to dive very deep within, where they experienced a still peacefulness. They shared they felt a deeper and closer connection with their Higher Self and the spirit realm. Some others had visions of past lives and some learned who their original galactic family is. This higher level of connection allows the activation of the DNA that has long been lying dormant within our being and is what the scientists were calling “junk“ DNA — however, even they are now realizing that DNA is more quantum than it is physical and the “junk” is our vast multidimensional selves and full divine potential. We have not been taught to tap into and work with this DNA and all of its potentials, so the term “Use it or lose it” applies here..


Rael will have booklets at the Center to read for more information that sum up the details of what each of these ancient technologies does. There is also plenty information and explanations of all these technologies online if one wishes to explore and research before coming for a session. Again, any kind of energy medicine is all about intention, so it is best to meditate on what one would like the chamber to assist them with before one comes to experience it. We will create time for one to sit and be quiet to tap into their intention if one has not done so before their session.

During the chamber session, color is projected onto the body by a slide projector, into the chamber, to immerse the person in the seven colors of the rainbow, one at a time, from a glass slide that is infused with the original color frequency spectrums of the sun. It goes directly into the pineal gland through the pupil of the eyes, as they are open for as long as is comfortable, while listening to the Solfeggio tone that corresponds to each color through a cordless high-tech set of headphones. The Solfeggio Frequencies are six notes taken out of the music scale in 1050 A.D. that they have found to harmonize the cells and raise the frequency of the listener. The person listens to the corresponding tone for each of the chakras while seeing each color as we make our way up to the soul star chakra, the Higher Self connection.

The chamber further opens one up to the divine gifts within them utilizing these ancient technologies. This very relaxing and powerful approach to open one to their own innate, full potential, activates the harmonizing of all one’s physical cells and further harmonizes the emotional and mental bodies — preparing one for their higher evolution. 

There are different program lengths (see box above) and Rael can use sacred numerology and kinesiology, assisting each person to link to their Higher Self’s wisdom, to determine what session is for their highest good in the moment or one can simply choose what they wish to purchase.

About Rael 

Rael is one who is walking in the light and love of service to the Creative Principle and Divine Plan and is highly devoted in anchoring unity consciousness. She is certified in sound, color, and light therapies. She is a Melchizedek Minister and Universal Oneness Ambassador/Spiritual Counselor, assisting others to remember their true essence. She is a world traveler who has been to many of the Earth’s most powerful ancient temples and energy portals. Her intention is to assist in harmonizing the masculine and feminine polarities, unfolding empowered freedom and unity within all life. She is devoted to assisting others in their process of embracing these new harmonized energies utilizing light, color, and sound. 

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