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ESC Psychic Party

Saturday, August 19, 2017
Readers ~ Healers ~ Shopping 

Admission: $3 at the door
Readings & Energy Work: 
$2/minute (15-minute minimum)

Enlightened Soul Center

3820 Packard Road #280 (2nd floor)
Ann Arbor 48108 
Free parking!

Turn at the driveway next to the US-23 overpass,
at the sign for "Gentle Dental" and "Foot & Ankle"

Join us for a fun-filled day at the Enlightened Soul Center! Can't wait until the next Holistic & Psychic Expo? At our monthly ESC Psychic Parties, we will have a variety of readers and healers for your enjoyment, along with a couple of vendors for shopping! Sign up for readings and energy work at each individual practitioner's clipboard, centrally located on the main table. Session lengths vary (15 minutes minimum).

SAVE THE DATE for our future parties:
(Saturdays, Noon–5:00 pm)

September 30

October 28

November 25 (changed)

December 30


Amy is a psychic, medical intuitive, Reiki Master, and "conscious channel" for her Master Guide, Philonius, who works with her entire Spirit team. She aids you on your path by consulting with your Higher Self/soul, your spirit guides, and your angels. Her readings explore your current incarnation and past lives. Amy can also connect with the Higher Self/soul and guides of others in your life as appropriate, to get you the information you need — for the highest good of all concerned.


Often, Amy will impart intuitive medical information and spiritual teachings as well. Relocation, soul's purpose and mission, business advice, love matches/soulmates, and future predictions (with numerical probabilities) are some of her specialties. Clients may receive exercises (“homework”) to aid them with their life lessons and to practice accessing their own guidance.

As a Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, American Priestess, Reiki Transmitter, Spiritual Channel, Divination Expert, and Educator, Ann activates energetic power, skills and knowledge developed over many lifetimes as a High Priestess and Wise Woman to bring the messages of your Soul to the awareness of your Mind. You will be empowered to make decisions in your own life in alignment with your Sacred Path and Purpose.

Jody Higgins is a psychic medium who learned as a small child that she was able to know feel & see many things that others weren't able to experience. She uses her many gifts to connect with your spirit guides to provide insight into the current situations happening in your life & what their outcome will be. She also has the ability to connect with your loved ones on the the other side & provides detailed information that would be considered to be known only to the family. 

Cindy Rogers is a psychic medium and she has been helping and guiding people with their current situations for the last thirty years. She loves working with Hungarian Gypsy Cards and will also do a little palmistry, which adds a unique flair to your reading. " I am here to give you a glimpse into your future, which is only in the palm of your hand."

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Over the last six years, Chris has been learning and practicing Clinical Qigong as taught by Michael Lomax. This method was explored and refined at the Baoding Medical Hospital of China, and utilizes elements of Taoist shamanism and Chinese classical medicine adapted to a modern clinical setting. By tuning into someone's subtle dimensional layers, Chris works to alleviate blockages or weak areas in their Qi (life energy) that can derive from this lifetime or even further, bringing their energy back into harmony with their essential self. While the immediate clinical focus as per Baoding Hospital was on physical ailments, there are many other areas in which it can be employed. It has aided Chris personally with Aspergers Syndrome and related challenges.

Rev. Lori Irvin, is a Medical Intuitive Body Worker Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, State Registered Occupational Therapist, and Certified Ergonomic Specialist that provides customized healing to reduce/eliminate symptoms of the body, mind and soul energy. She helps to heal physical and emotional issues with: Pain removal and reduction techniques, Holy-Fire Reiki, Cord Attachment Removal, Inner Child Integration, Extraction and more! Sit with Lori as she connects with Ascended Masters, Angels, Specialists and Spirit Guides to change the vibration of the dis-ease.

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doTERRA Essential Oils

Essential oils are indispensable in any home. doTERRA Essential Oils help keep your family healthier by cleansing the body, improving digestion, assisting in weight loss, boosting the immune system, and improving sleep. They also assist in reducing inflammation and relieving all types of pain. These are all vital to every person alive. When you feel good, you are able to enjoy life more because you function better. You have increased energy, and can even think clearer! Pam Lear will bring oils to sell and also teaches how to use these products.

Elaine Roman is an independent jewelry stylist offering pieces by Plunder Designs. Plunder is vintage style jewelry at savvy prices. Also available will be Elaine's own handcrafted original and up-cycled creations. She will accept cash or Paypal for items on hand, and credit cards for online orders.

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