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Girls' Rites of Passage Series
for girls ages 10–13 years old 

An exploration of Ancient
Women's Wisdom

Starts: Friday, December 6, 2019
(See schedule in box for all 6 sessions)

COST: $350 for the series 

Purchase with credit or debit card at the bottom of the Paypal window:

MORE INFORMATION:, 248-766-3626

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LOCATION: Enlightened Soul Center

3820 Packard Road #280 (2nd floor)
Ann Arbor 48108
Free parking!

Turn at the driveway next to the US-23 overpass,
at the sign for "Gentle Dental" and "Foot & Ankle." 

NOTE: Building number is not visible from the road.

Follow the white yard signs for "Enlightened Soul Center."

The main entrance faces the expressway overpass.

girls rites of passage image - margitt r

Winter 2019-2020 Schedule of Gatherings

Friday, December 6, 2019, 7-9:30pm

     Mothers Only

Sat, December 7, 2019, 10am-2pm

     Girls Only

Sat, January 4, 2020, 10am-2pm

     Girls Only

Sun, January 5, 2020, 6-8pm

     Fathers Only

Sun, January 12, 2020, 3-5:30pm

     Fathers & Daughters       

Friday, January 17, 2020,  6-9pm

     Mothers & Daughters

About the Girls' Rites of Passage Series

This workshop is for girls and their mothers* and fathers* as they transition from girl to young Maiden. Girls ages 10-13 years old will gain teaching of the Divine feminine and the beauty of womanhood. Mothers will be supported in ancient women's wisdom as they begin to transform their relationship with their daughter. Fathers will gain insight on their role with their growing daughter.

Girls will participate in 2 half-day sacred circle teachings to awaken their inner knowing of what it means to honor the feminine. Mothers* and fathers* will meet on a separate evenings for support as they go through this transition with their daughter. The workshop provides an opportunity for girls to come away with a stronger sense of self and their feminine gifts, for mothers* to have a stronger relationship to shared feminine wisdom and begin to transform their relationship with their daughters as peers.

Ancient Feminine teachings are a rite for every woman born on this planet. If we look closely around the globe, every ancient culture honored women through all of the stages: Maiden, Mother, Mage, and Crone. Margitt's wish is for women and girls to be ceremonially honored into their womanhood, for them to understand their Divine Feminine Gifts, and discover the magical creators they are. 


*Mother or father participation may be provided by another significant person in the girl’s life. 


Margitt Royce will lead the teachings with girls and mothers, Kevin Meisel will support the father's teachings. Maidens (older young women who have participated in this workshop) will also assist.


Margitt Royce RN, BSN is a Certified Red Tent and Rights of Passage Facilitator, health coach, and former doula. Her passion is teaching and encouraging women and girls to connect to their Sacred Divine Feminine gifts and temples.  


Kevin Meisel, MA, LLP, is a licensed psychotherapist with offices in Canton and Royal Oak. His interest and experiences encompass a wide-ranging regard for wholeness and wellness along psychological and spiritual lines.


For more information, visit:

About Margitt Royce, RN, BSN

margitt royce.jpg

Margitt Royce is a seeker, student, and facilitator of Ancient Women's Wisdom. As a young nurse and mother, she began to feel that something was missing. She felt terribly alone and knew that there was more that she could provide, to heal her patients and to raise her children.


Margitt devoured every book that mentioned Ancient Women's Wisdom and spirituality, then began to attend workshops and classes from gifted shamans and mystic medicine women. She sat in women's circles and healed herself with herbs, food, and gifted healers. After those healings, she was able to become a doula, health coach, and Red Tent facilitator, eventually facilitating Girls' Rites of Passage workshops and performing ceremonies. 

Margitt learned that her "inner Maiden" was missing her Red Tent, her circle of women, her tribe, her sounding board, her inspiration and teachers. Margitt said, "I was missing, as a young woman, teachings on womb care, menstruation, and sacred sexuality. I was missing the importance of being myself. There was no Elder to hold me through the shamanic experience of birth and motherhood, and share real wisdom on child raising, marriage, and relationships. I was missing ceremony and celebrating me and my Blood Rites; all of these steps of discovering myself and my relationships to my body, my spirit, and my relationships with others."

How woman gain wisdom and carry these ancient feminine teachings has been lost for hundreds of generations. Margitt's seeking has led her through a healing journey, rich with self-discovery and self-love, in order to share these teachings and ceremonies with girls and women. 


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