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Heal Your Heart with the Angels

8-week class with Selene Negrette 


Thursdays, May 17–June 21, 2018


Cost: $220 for 8 weeks
Includes your very own deck of Selene's Angel oracle cards!


To Register:

Questions: Contact Selene Negrette at (859) 797-3919 or

Enlightened Soul Center

3820 Packard Road #280 (2nd floor)
Ann Arbor 48108 
Free parking!

Turn at the driveway next to the US-23 overpass,
at the sign for "Gentle Dental" and "Foot & Ankle"

As we become more and more aware of the fact that a collective vibrational shift is taking place
on Earth at this time, do you find yourself yearning to raise your personal vibration?
One of the best ways to do that is to do the necessary work to heal your heart. The truth is that your heart is carrying wounds since you were a child and an adolescent, and the weight of those wounds has only increased throughout your lifetime; if you have also lost a loved one, your heart has gotten even heavier. Those unhealed wounds are what’s keeping you from raising your personal vibration; therefore, it is essential to heal them. The more wounds you have, the more struggles you have in life, the more dissatisfaction and stress you experience. The more wounds you heal, the more space you make for Spirit to come into your life and the easier you can connect with the pure vibration of the Angels and raise your vibration in the process..
In this 8-week course, Selene Negrette works together with the Angels to walk you through a journey of healing for your heart like no other that you have experienced before.
As a BONUS, you will also receive your very own deck of Angel oracle cards created by Selene.


Week One - You will learn several practices to help you heal your relationship with your body. How comfortable we feel in our bodies has a great impact in our ability to enjoy our lives. You will experience a healing Angel-guided visualization that you can use during the week and in the future to help with this area. You’ll receive a link to the audio as well.


Week Two - You will be provided with essential exercises to use to help you heal your relationship with your mind. Becoming aware of how much our minds run on fear will help you and motivate you to use your mind in more productive ways by short-circuiting the usual pathways. You will experience a healing Angel-guided visualization to use during the week, as well as a link to the audio.


Week Three - You will learn invaluable practices and rituals to use to help you gain control of your emotions by connecting them to the thought(s) behind them. You will go down memory lane to identify the biggest wounds that are affecting your life negatively at this time and you will be use the practices and rituals provided during the week to heal. You’ll receive an Angel-guided visualization and a link to the audio for you to use during the week.


Week Four- You will connect with the fact that forgiveness is an essential practice that can help raise your vibration. You will listen to a Angel-guided meditation to help you forgive yourself first. You will identify the people in your life you need to forgive and listen to an Angel-guided visualization to help you heal others. A link to both visualizations will be provided for your use.


Week Five - You will learn about Emotional Feng Shui and how the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui can be applied to help you heal from your emotions and unblock your life so that you can receive all the good things that you desire. Healing rituals to use at home during the week will be provided together with an Angel-guided visualization and a link to the audio.


Week Six- Now that you have done the hard work of healing your heart, you have created space for Spirit to come in. You will receive guidance to help you learn how to connect with the subtle energies of the Angels so that you can identify, receive, and follow their guidance on a day-to-day basis and improve your life. An Angel-guided visualization and link to the audio provided.


Week Seven - You will receive instruction on several advanced practices that can help you connect with the Angels. An Angel-guided visualization and audio link provided.


Week Eight - You will put all of what you have learned to create your new daily practice regimen and will learn how to use what you’ve learned to help you manifest the life you desire. You’ll listen to an Angel-guided visualization where you meet your future self and will receive the link to the audio to take home.

About Selene Negrette

Selene Negrette is a life coach, Angel Intuitive, and author of Not Your Usual Grief Book: How to Heal While Connecting with Your Child Who Died and Gifts from the Storm: How I Came to Trust in Spirit (written under the pen name Camila Abbot).

Selene’s life changed drastically after she lost her son, Christopher, to cancer. What followed was the profound realization that not only was she overwhelmed by her feelings of grief but, also, she had been carrying a heavy burden of pain and hurt since childhood and adolescence. As she took steps to heal her heart, a door opened up to help her connect with the Angels and, as a result, her life was transformed for the better.

Selene’s 17-year professional experience as a hospice social worker, and her gifts as an Angel Intuitive, have combined with the lessons she learned from her loss, to make her a very powerful and well-rounded teacher. She specializes in bringing in the pure and high vibrations of the Angels into her work to help people raise their personal vibration and improve their lives for the better.

Website: Spirit Whispers with Selene;, 859-797-3919, Facebook

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