On HIATUS: Mediumship and Channeling Event ON ZOOM
with Ron, The Large Tall Medium 

2nd Mondays! NEXT ONE:
Monday, NOVEMBER 8, 2021
7:00–9:00 pm (log in 6:30-6:45 pm)

Cost: $20 & receive personal messages!

Advance registration required by 5PM to receive the Zoom link:




Select the line at the BOTTOM of the Paypal window that says: “Donate with a Debit or Credit Card”. 


You may be asked to log into Paypal first (if it recognizes your device). 

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No Zoom account is necessary, but FOR BEST RESULTS, you'll want to download the Zoom program IN ADVANCE to your phone, tablet, or computer and test it at: https://zoom.us/test.

The link will be sent to the email on your payment sign-up. IF YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED the ZOOM EMAIL by 6PM,
first look in your spam or junk email folder. Then TEXT Ron at 248–705-8077 with problems/questions or for the Zoom link.

About the Gallery Reading & Channeling Event

Come get a message from Spirit or a look into your present and future life with Ron, the Large Tall Medium. Ron is a psychic, medium, and spiritual counselor. As a medium, during the Gallery Reading (audience messages), he brings you short messages from the larger spirit world. Ron says the “larger” spirit world because he may bring messages from your deceased loved ones, pets, angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, and more. As a psychic, he may also see into many aspects of your present life and future possibilities. Readings can be interactive, so bring your questions and who you want to connect with. Ron usually brings a message for each person.


For the second half of the event, Ron will provide a demonstration of voice channeling. Ron can bring in Ascended Masters as well as Spirit Guides, answering questions as well as speaking to the group in general. 

TESTIMONIALS for the Long Tall Medium:


"Ron Muka was spot-on in a message about our elderly husky dog. Ron said that the dog was getting a white powdery substance put on his food that was causing severe stomach distress. Sure enough, that info was very accurate! My husband was putting that on the husky’s food and the vet told him to stop. It was hurting his digestion!" — Judy, Belleville

“I had a reading from Ron a couple years ago. Some things he said I doubted. But let me tell you now, everything he said has come true!!! He's really good!!” — Janice, Canton

"I just finished my evening with the Large Tall Medium. He is incredibly gifted, and I love his sense of humor. His channeling was phenomenal!  I am going to recommend him to several friends who would enjoy and benefit from hearing him." —Jan, Ann Arbor

About Ron, the Large Tall Medium

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Ron, the Large Tall Medium, is a medium, psychic, and spiritual counselor.  As a spiritual counselor, Ron combines his own practical experience with yours and, with his psychic abilities, helps you achieve your goals. He may use tarot and oracle cards. If you are drawn to Ron for a reading or a message, chances are that he has something to say from Spirit that you need or want to hear. 

Call Ron at home at 248 – 377 – 9909, text him at 248 – 705 - 8077, or email him at ron@largetallmedium.com for a reading or a party!  Friend or follow him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/largetallmedium.