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Intro to Palmistry, 3-Class Series with Julie Brown, Something Peculiar LLC


3 Tuesdays, July 23–Aug. 6, 2024

Cost: $75 - Advance registration recommended to reserve your spot!






Contact Julie: 313-942-7094 or

Venmo: @Julie-Brown-861

PayPal addresses: @somethingpeculiar13 or

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Enlightened Soul Center & Shop

2711 Carpenter Road
Ann Arbor 48108
Free parking!

We have our own building with the main entrance and parking in the back. On the east side of Carpenter, halfway between Packard Street and Washtenaw Ave.

About the Introduction to Palmistry Series

Discover the ancient art and in-depth practice of Palmistry in our comprehensive three-session class. Immerse yourself in the world of Chiromancy, where you will learn to unravel the mysteries hidden in the palms of our hands.


During this series, you will dive into the various aspects of palm reading across three enlightening sessions. Each class will include practical hands-on time, allowing you to apply the knowledge you've gained and practice your new skills.


Series Details:

July 23: Overview, Hand Shapes, and Fingers During our first gathering, we will explore the basics of Palmistry, providing you with a solid foundation. You'll learn about the significance of hand shapes and the nuances of the fingers, which can reveal unique personality traits and potential life paths.

July 30: Lines The second session will focus on the mapping of the lines crisscrossing the palm. We'll decode the mysteries of the lifeline, heart line, head line, and others to interpret the compelling narratives they tell about love, life, intellect, and destiny.

August 6: Mounds and Conclusion In our final meeting, we will examine the mounds of the palm, which offer further insights into different areas of life, from ambition to courage, love, and health. The session will culminate with a comprehensive understanding of the full spectrum of Palmistry.

The class series is perfect for those curious about the deeper symbolic meanings conveyed through our hands and offers thorough training for both beginners and enthusiasts seeking to enhance their interpretive skills.

Join us for this unique and detailed journey into Palmistry. Whether for personal growth or to practice readings for others, you will leave with the ability to discern and interpret the lines and shapes that tell the intricate story of an individual's life.

To reserve your spot and arrange for payment, please reach out to Julie. Embark on this insightful exploration with us and awaken your ability to read the secrets held within the palms.



About Julie Brown

Julie Brown is an intuitive palm and tarot reader and the sole proprietor of Something Peculiar. Her goal is to align you with your own intuition and insight with the help of Spirit.

Learn more about Julie here:

Contact: 313-942-7094 or

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