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Practitioner at the Enlightened Soul Center
Available for drop-in during select open hours (check our calendar)
and by appointment
: Text (630) 235-9624 (Please include name and service booking request)

Usui Reiki and Sound Healing

Walk-Ins: $2 / minute, 15-minute minimum
Reiki: $55.55 / 30 minutes, $111.11 / 60 minutes
Chakra Balancing w/Tuning Forks: $44.44 / 30 minutes
Chakra Balancing w/Tuning Forks and Reiki: $66.66 / 45 minutes


Facebook: Mama Dragon Holistic Healing

BOOK an APPOINTMENT: Text: (630) 235-9624
Please include your name and service booking request

Amanda is an alternate holistic healer who has been dabbling in energy manipulation from a young age. Recently, she has taken to honing her abilities to create space for others to facilitate their own healing. A Level 2 Usui Reiki practitioner and sound healer, she is working to expand her practices to best aid each lovely soul that seeks her out.

At age 11, Amanda had discovered energy work on her path to spirituality and self-discovery. Her first conscious experience of manipulating energies was creating little energy balls with assigned emotions. Her favorite exercise was to infuse little balls of happiness and play to leave around the house. From there, she had begun to work with her aura, learning how to cleanse and shield. When she entered college at age 17, she began to experiment working with the auras of her friends, using intuition and universal light to clear cords, move stagnant energies, and assist with energetic “gunk” that clung to the auric field. It was at this time that she began to take an interest in reiki, though finding the right teacher would take another decade.

Aside from her energetic work, Amanda also began to discover other psychic gifts. She is able to pull forth information and aid others to open up to her, typically resulting in the sharing of life stories or trauma that she is then able to assist with working through. She approaches each instance from a stance of neutrality, empathy, and unconditional love. More recently, she is developing a deeper connection to the universal consciousness and is able to put out telepathic suggestions to those she wishes to reach out to. Initially, this skill had been kindled with her younger sister, with whom Amanda is still very close to. Both of these psychic gifts assist her with her healings as she is able to pinpoint specific issues and use them as focal points for the session. They also aid in getting to the root of the problem so a deeper healing can take place as opposed to a temporary band-aid for the symptoms.

In addition to the spiritual, Amanda is an artistic soul who craves to create. This has led her to develop guided meditations of various sorts. Some can be simpler, such as clearing and cleansing stuck energies and reinvigorating the aura. Others can be deeper, such as going into the subconscious and facing blocks and locked away memories to heal and move forward. In each session, Amanda approaches the meditation with the utmost care and takes her role as guide seriously. She holds the safety and well-being of each participant to the highest level and will lead each person through anything that may come up. She also holds space for integration of the meditation and expression of any emotions that may come up afterwards, as well as grounding exercises.

Amanda has future pursuits in mind to more fully assist each client that comes to her. Among those are: attaining the Master Teacher level in Usui reiki, completing her expert certificate in sound healing, delving into other branches of reiki such as Kundulini, Tibetan, Holy Fire, and Rainbow/Chakra, and pursuing certificates in Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping and Somatic Therapy. Her overall goal is to hold space for as many individuals as possible and to bring as much light and healing to the world as she can. She understands and has experienced many hardships in her own journey and wants to provide a safe space for healing to anyone who needs it.

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