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Tarot Jumpstart: 4-Class Series 
with Leif (pronounced "Life")

4 Tuesday evenings

6:30pm to 8:00pm

August 13–September 3, 2024

Bring your own card deck or purchase one here!

Cost: $100 (equals $25 per class) 

Deposit requiired. Space limited!  Register early to reserve your spot!





Venmo: @leif-larsen-6

CashApp: $Bluelotustarot

OR use Paypal for credit/debit (at 2nd Paypal window)

$25 Deposit:

$100 Full Payment:

Questions: Contact Leif (pronounced "Life") at 734-612-6919 or

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Image by Viva Luna Studios

About the Tarot Jumpstart Class

The tarot can give guidance, insight and a deeper understanding of people and the universe. However, many people’s relationship with the tarot is short-lived. Learning tarot was hard for me and it took a lot of work. But it does not have to be for you! Tarot Jumpstart is a course designed to be fun, easy, interactive, and dynamic. Starting on Day One, you will give a reading and enjoy it!


Each class will start with a meditation, a brief statement on what our learning goals are and how we are going to achieve them, then we will be doing activities that will give you the tools and confidence to continue your practice. Each session will end with a practice for those who have decks. If you do not have a deck, a deck specially chosen by me will be available for $15.  




Day 1 will focus on the fundamentals of tarot and building the skills you will need to read tarot.  We will focus on learning the major arcana, which are the first 22 cards of the tarot. The main emphasis will be on how to read cards, emphasizing intuition over memorization.


Day 2:  We will tackle the most difficult part of the tarot, the court cards.  The court cards are the cards with people on them.  We will be playing games designed to bring the card and person to life and give you access to part of the tarot that most people struggle with.


Day 3:  Tricks to learn the minor arcana. The minor arcana has 40 cards, that’s a lot to memorize!  Don’t worry, Prof. Laufeyjarsen has your back. There are patterns in the 40 cards that will be revealed on this day.


Day 4: Tarot spread deep dive. The biggest gap I have seen with experienced tarot readers is that they do not tie the cards together in the reading.  You will do better as we focus on how to tie a reading together. I will be providing a variety of shorter spreads to use.


This course it not exhaustive.  It is designed to give you the tools and confidence you need to get you over the first hurdles of tarot reading.  You can exhaust yourself on your own time.  While it is true that the best tarot readers spend many hours over many years in study and research, that is not what this course is for. This course is designed to give you access to the wonderful world of tarot without burning out.

About Leif Laufeyjarsen

leif larsen new headshot photo copy.png

One can never step into the same river twice.


The meaning of symbols, and tarot cards changes with every meaning. I use my knowledge and intuition to interpret each card thus providing a truly personalized reading for the queerent. My journey in spirit, magic, and symbolism began as a child and I have continued to develop my spiritual practice as well as using tools from modern psychology and wellness. While I am not a substitute for therapy or healthy wellness practice, the insight I provide can give guidance and focus to keep you on your path.


Contact Leif at:, 734-612-6919
Learn more at:

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