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MADitation - Meditation & Dance
with Lisa Sheldon

Thursday, May 19, 2022
Limited to 10 participants

COST: $20

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TO PAY CASH: RSVP to the email below to reserve your spot and pay at the door.

Questions: Lisa, or (248) 770-2202 

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LOCATION - We've Moved!​

Enlightened Soul Center
2711 Carpenter Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Halfway between Washtenaw Ave. and Packard St.
Located adjacent to the U-M Credit Union on the east side of Carpenter. Free parking in the back and on the side street! Entrance in the back.

About MADitation:

Our energy systems are dynamic and always evolving. Every thought, emotion, and experience takes the form of an energetic imprint that we carry. These imprints can be bright, light, and airy — or dark, dense, and heavy.

Just like we take a shower or bath to clean and clear external, physical “dirt”...we need to take time for deep, energetic cleaning and clearing. This is Lisa Sheldon's specialty.

MADitation is a unique self-care and well-being experience that is the culmination of 50 years of dance training and instruction and 11 years of intense research into the art and practice of meditation.


The “MAD” in MADitation stands for: "Meditation and Dance." No experience is necessary. The movements are simple!

The goal of MADitation is to diminish the madness (stress) in your life and in your body by building MAD skills in self-care, MAD skills in the art of meditation to bring centered peace and calm to the body, MAD skills in body stretching to bring flexibility and mobility, MAD skills in dance for increased cardio health and to bring states of joy and fun to your being, every single day. MADitation is efficient, deep, and important.

Lisa developed this technique and set of MAD skills after an illness threatened to take her life at just 45 years of age. The illness was Thyroid Storm and it was triggered by her intense level of stress, coupled with a severe lack of self-care. She was busy doing, doing, doing and rushing, rushing, rushing about for everyone else but herself. And it did her in. She is pleased to say that this brush with her mortality motivated her to shift my priorities and she began to take time every single day to connect with her body and care for herself.


Lisa tried many different techniques on her journey toward health, but they didn’t go deep enough nor did they have that element of fun that she needed. She found that she loved meditation and it worked to calm her anxiety, but as soon as she stood up from her cushion and moved about, she quickly lost that sense of peace.


Combining the meditation, stretching, and dance gives your body a chance to build muscle memory of calm and hold onto it while your body moves through the daily activities of life.


Now, after overcoming her illness, Lisa is stepping up to the plate to help others do the same. She uses her scary journey as a cautionary (but hopeful) tale. We all need a little support and that is what Lisa is here to do! She is here to encourage you and support you and share with you all that she has learned about taking care of your mind, body, and spirit and to help you gain skills that help you to become a more vibrant you.

Life is for it well and move with joy!


Your well-being is important. Come join us! MADitation is a unique way to cleanse your energy system, raise your vibration, and have fun.

What to wear: comfortable clothes that allow for ease of movement; socks, bare feet, or dancer’s half-shoes/slippers. Please also bring a water bottle.

About Lisa Sheldon

Lisa Sheldon.png

Lisa is a passionate and caring teacher. She brings with her: 50 years of dance training and teaching, 11 years of intense study in the art and practice of meditation, 5 years (3rd level certification) in Healing Touch energy work, 11 years of Camp Musical Theater Supervisor experience, 10 years of leadership/mentor training, 5 years retreat facilitator, 40 years of philosophical study, 32 years business ownership and entrepreneurship, and so much more.

Lisa is crazy passionate about self care. A reformed Type-A personality, she shares her understanding about the human predicament, life, and how to build a body, mind, and spirit that is healthy and wise. She makes complex concepts such as consciousness, intention, forgiveness, compassion, and conditioning easy and simple to understand. And understanding these concepts is key to a life that is rich in healthy relationships with the self, with others, and with the world. There is so much magic in the world just waiting patiently for our senses to grow sharper. Lisa helps to hone and grow those senses.


Lisa helps others become more connected through her MADitation classes, "How’s Your Good" Theory classes, and personal guided sessions.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out: Email or (248) 770-2202. Learn more about Lisa at:

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