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Sacred Fire Moon Ceremony

LOCATION: Amy Garber's Fire Pit
(Backyard at 2504 Hampshire Rd., Ann Arbor 48104, corner house at Canterbury Street)

Saturday, July 28, 2018

7:00–8:00pm /Arrive starting 6:30 pm
(Please arrive on time so as not to break the circle with late entry)


Cost: Love donation to the Center


Bring drums/rattles if you have them 
(We can provide some makeshift ones, too)

You're welcome to stay for socializing afterward!

In the warm weather, the Enlightened Soul Center sponsors a fire ceremony in honor of the Full Moon. These ceremonies are on the closest weekend of the moon change and, because the energies are building a few days before and after, benefits can be gained by focusing our intentions at that time.


Eve Avrin, Ph.D. leads the ceremony. Eve has been studying Peruvian shamanism with the Four Winds Society’s Healing Light Body School since 2011. During cold weather, the ceremony will be held indoors at the Enlightened Soul Center using a ring of candles for the fire. In warm weather, the ceremony takes place at the fire pit in Amy Garber's backyard (address to be provided).

This ceremony involves using two small sticks, one to blow onto the things we wish to release, and the other to blow onto the things we wish to bring into our lives, that we then burn in the sacred fire. For the duration of the ceremony, we chant, shake rattles, and beat drums while each person takes their turn burning their sticks in the fire. It's a very powerful, moving, and transformative experience being surrounded by supportive community while focusing on our deepest wishes and desires!


Contact Amy with logistical questions: 734-358-0218 or

Contact Eve with other questions: (734) 546-9645 or

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