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Shamanic Fundamentals Classes with Dr. Marjorie Farnsworth

The first level in the Spirit Assist Shamanic Healing Program 

Dr. Marjorie Farnsworth of Spirit Assist LLC shares the teachings of Core Shamanism — the healing practices of tribal medicine people. With this knowledge, you can heal yourself, go on shamanic journeys, meet power animals and spirit guides. You can also learn to heal others and heal your tribe/community, with soul retrieval, curse removal, extraction, and depossession. 


There are three Fundamentals Classes and six Advanced Classes in the program, then Shamanic Healing Clinics for graduates. The classes must be taken in order. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED!!

These three beginner's Fundamentals Classes cover the philosophy and origins of Shamanism and an overview of shamanic healing practices, including safe experiences of shamanic drum journeys. They are designed to be taken in order and are a pre-requisite to taking the Advanced Shamanic Healing Classes. (Those who have studied basic shamanic practices with other teachers may apply to skip some classes by talking to Marjorie.)
  • Notebook & pen (handouts will also be given)
  • Eye covering, blanket & pillow, floor cushion or extra blanket to lay on (there are a limited number of mats at the Center), EXCEPT not needed for Class II. 
  • Rattle (any type will do)
  • Bodhran-type round, hand-held frame drum (NOT bongos, djembe, doombek or tabla). Remo brand suggested (less expensive, man-made material)
  • One small item for the altar (feather, stone or crystal, figurine of your power animal, etc.) — something small which is somehow sacred, meaningful, symbolic to you.
  • BY THE SECOND CLASS, you need to have your own rattle and frame drum. (Purchase Remo or other bodhran drums at Amazon or a local music store. Minimum 16-inch recommended.)

Enlightened Soul Center 

3820 Packard Road, suite 280 (2nd floor, with elevator)
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Free parking!
Turn at the driveway next to the US-23 overpass,
at the sign for "Gentle Dental" and "Foot & Ankle"
(Building number is not visible from the road.)


(1) Use the Paypal button(s) on this page (You may pay with debit or credit card using the option on the BOTTOM of the Paypal window; no Paypal account needed.)

To pay by check, contact Britni first.
(2) Send your name, email, and mobile phone to Britni at


Full refund will be given if requested at least 1 week before class. 

NO REFUNDS for series purchased at a discount, unless there is a cancellation on our end.

Refund request must be made in writing to:

No Paypal account is needed to pay at Paypal; YOU MAY PAY ONLINE WITH A DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD. Scroll to the bottom of the Paypal box to select “Pay with a debit or credit card” instead of using a Paypal account. ​

$35 per class ~ $20 retakes

OR BUY ALL 3 Fundamentals Classes & GET A $5 DISCOUNT!

Nonrefundable with discount unless the dates are changed by us. 
(Minimum 6 students needed for a class to run.)

Saturdays, June 1, June 15, & June 22, 2019, 2:00–4:30 pm

Fundamentals I, II & III:  $100 (separately, $105)

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Shamanic Healing Fundamentals I: Introduction and Journeying

In the Fundamentals I class, you will gain a basic understanding of the philosophy and origins of Shamanism, who shamans are, how they are selected, what they do, and an overview of how shamanic healing works. You will have the opportunity to go on a drum (trance) journey to the Lower World to meet your own animal helping spirit, and also an opportunity to go on a drum journey on behalf of a partner to practice finding an animal helping spirit for someone else. Please bring your blanket, pillow, etc. for journeying.

Saturday, June 1, 2019, 2:00–4:30 pm, $35

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Shamanic Healing Fundamentals II: Working with Energy
(pre-requisite: Fundamentals I)

In the Fundamentals II class, you will learn about the attitude and lifestyle which are necessary if you wish to practice shamanism and do it safely and effectively. You also will learn how to keep safe when working with other people and their energy, and the spirit world generally, including how to set up sacred space, and the use of stones, amulets, essential oils, etc. We will be doing some exercises to help you learn how energy feels, yours and someone else’s. We also will practice drum and rattle healing, so that you have a first opportunity to work with shamanic tools. No journeying in this class, so no blanket, pillow, etc. are needed. BY THIS SECOND CLASS, you need to have your own rattle and drum. (Dr. Farnsworth recommends minimum 16-inch Remo or other bodhran-type hand-held, round frame drums; the synthetic drum heads stand up better to temperature and humidity fluctuations. These may be purchased at the Enlightened Soul Center, online, or at a local music store.)

Saturday, June 15, 2019, 2:00–4:30 pm, $35

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Shamanic Healing Fundamentals III: Communication with Spirits 
(pre-requisite: Fundamentals II)

In the Fundamentals III class, you will practice communicating with shamanic tools and spirit guides. We will go on drum journeys to your rattle and drum to learn their names, how they want to be honored, and how they want to be used. Later we will go on a journey to the Lower World to visit your animal helping spirit and learn more about them, and a first journey to the Upper World to find a spirit guide. Please bring your blanket, pillow, etc. for journeying AND your rattle and bodhran-type round, hand-held frame drum.

Saturday, June 22, 20192:00–4:30 PM  $35

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Learn about the Advanced Shamanic Healing Classes that follow the Fundamentals Classes: Soul Retrieval, Curse Removal, Extraction, and Depossession

Read about the Shamanic Healing Clinics for graduates to participate in, working on the public under Dr. Marjorie's supervision


As a shamanic practitioner, Dr. Marjorie Farnsworth works with bright, ambitious, mostly positive people who may be struggling with anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression, and who have not been able to find relief through the usual channels of psychology, counseling or psychiatric medications. these people would like to reclaim their power and happiness in life. Some also suffer from scattered thinking, chronic issues with fatigue, illness or misfortune, or who cannot remember the last time they felt joy. Still others feel like they never fit in anywhere, and struggle to find their direction in life.


Dr. Marjorie has been practicing Shamanism for 17 years, in additional to being a clinical hypnotherapist, life coach and professional public speaker. She owns three businesses in Ann Arbor: Spirit Assist Shamanic Healing, Spirit Assist Hypnotherapy, and Life After Corporate. She started her businesses after working as a middle manager for the Fortune 500 for almost 25 years, living in the Far East for over 2 years, traveling around the world, and earning master's degrees in both Chinese Literature and Business Management., tel 734-347-8180,

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