Readings and Energy Work

Channeled Psychic Readings and Past-Life Healing Regressions with REV. AMY GARBER

Readings by Appointment (afternoons, evenings, weekends): / 734-358-0218

Amy is a psychic, medical intuitive, Reiki Master, and "conscious channel" for her Master Guide, Philonius, who works with her entire Spirit team. She aids you on your path by consulting with your Higher Self/soul, your spirit guides, and your angels. Her readings explore your current incarnation and past lives. Amy can also connect with the Higher Self/soul and guides of others in your life as appropriate, to get you the information you need — for the highest good of all concerned.


Often, Amy will impart intuitive medical information and spiritual teachings as well. Relocation, soul's purpose and mission, business advice, love matches/soulmates, and future predictions (with numerical probabilities) are some of her specialties. Clients may receive exercises (“homework”) to aid them with their life lessons and to practice accessing their own guidance.

Amy also offers Past-Life Healing Regressions, trained by Constance Joy Hart, who was trained by Denise Linn. Not only see your past lives, but go back and heal them!


Amy appeared on a 2013 Ann Arbor episode of HGTV's "House Hunters" show and accurately described the house that was ultimately purchased. She has been a contributing writer to Crazy Wisdom Journal and was a reader at the Crazy Wisdom Bookstore & Tea Room. Amy also teaches intuition development classes at the Enlightened Soul Center and has taught at the Ann Arbor Public Schools Rec & Ed Adult Continuing Education Program.

Readings $100/hour, Past-Life Regressions $135. Discounts for Retirees & Full-Time Students

Shamanic Healing Sessions with OMAR KHAYYAM YELDELL

Contact Omar at: (727)244-0650 or


Omar Khayyam Yeldell is a Modern-Day Shaman, Spiritual Consultant, Reiki Healer, Clairvoyant, Empath, artist, web author, and lecturer. He is also the owner of Spirit Guided Tours and founder of Desate Spiritual Consultations. The Philadelphia native and psychic lineal descendant was born clairvoyant and empathic. While studying the world's major religions, ancient civilizations, and the teachings of mystery schools for over a decade, he also received ancestral instruction in Dream Shamanism.

Presently, Omar specializes in clearing Thoughtforms, negative energies/entities surrounding and/or attached to you, and residing within your home. He has the ability to see and communicate with manifestations, deceased loved ones, ghosts, spirits, and other beings. Omar can also read energy in pets and objects like furniture, photos, dolls, jewelry, etc. 


The overall objective in a Shamanic healing session is to properly identify all negative/counter productive energies and entities, clear them from your energy field, and heal the entry points that allowed them in.

Sessions are $40 for 1/2 hr, $80 for an hour

Massage & Visionary Energy Work with AMY FEGER

Visionary Energy Work, Soul Retrieval, Chakra Bowl Therapy, and Intuitive Massage/Chair Massage

Hours vary during the week for scheduled appointments; $75/hour for massage; other costs vary.

See prices and schedule appointments at:

Amy is available to see clients at ESC Monday 9am-12pm or text or call for other days and times.

Price specials during Open Hours: $15 for 15 minutes, $30 for 30 minutes (including one-on-one chakra bowl sessions)
DROP IN during Open Hours or make an appointment!


Contact: or (734) 345-1923 (text or call)

Amy is uniquely able to visualize for the client different energy imprints that they carry with them through their soul experience or DNA memories. This may lead to past-life experiences that are shown. Soul fractions or fragments are a bit of your energy that is still left at the scene where an event has occurred in the past or in a past life. Amy has the ability to bring the scene into the room and help the client integrate their soul fraction, allowing them to reclaim energy that has been fractioned — sometimes called “soul retrieval”. Amy has the ability to tap into, pause, bring forward, and step into these memories of current and past life events. She describes this process like stepping into a virtual reality game, where she can pause and interact with the scenes through intention and awareness of the oneness of all life.


Amy can see if any weapons were used that have inflicted previous wounds in the soul body that affects the client’s current energy. You may be surprised to know where your soul has been and what your DNA carries from space! She shares with the clients what she sees. They work together to change the scene to the more loving and symbolic releasing of all involved in it. She works in love and peace with all beings seen, keeping to universal laws of love.


Amy also sees symbolic messages that help the client unblock and flow more freely on their current path. She also teaches others how to open to seeing in this unique way.


In addition, Amy can read photos of passed-away loved ones for messages and sometimes can see them for clients, if they happen to be there. Yet her passion is to help others find their unique ways to work with energy. Sometimes this is also shown to Amy when she works with a client.


Amy also shares unique teachings of sound vibration healing at Irene's Myomassology Institute, where she opens up students to have a foundation to connect and visualize for others, while using quartz crystal bowls that amplify their intentions and unique connections. Amy has taught over 70 students in this method so far.


She also has her own form of intuitive massage. Having done massage for over 1800 clients, she certainly has encountered a lot of unique energies along the way!

$75/hour or $1/minute

Psychic & Mediumship Readings, Energy Healing/Reiki, and Empowerment Coaching with Rev. JACLYN DUVALL

All services available by appointment (evenings and weekends @ ESC; Phone & FaceTime readings also available)

Email: / Phone: 734-430-7121




Jaclyn Duvall offers an array of services as an Ordained Spiritual Psychic Medium, Empowerment Coach, Energy Healer, and Certified Reiki Practitioner. Jaclyn has been able to see and sense spirit, as well as experience psychic phenomena, since she was five years old. She uses her gifts of Clairvoyance (clear vision), Clairaudience (clear audio/hearing), and Clairsentience (clear sensation or feeling) to channel Spirit and uses an Oracle Deck for Psychic readings. She also works with Crystals, Guided Meditations, Essential Oils and Reiki for Energy healing. All of what she does with her clients she encourages as a springboard for them to use in an authentic spiritual journey to heal and be empowered!


As an Empowerment Coach, Jaclyn helps guide her clients to healing with her background in Shadow Work, dealing with releasing Trauma and Self-Limiting Beliefs, along with other techniques for removing various blocks that can prevent an abundant life or connecting to your Higher Self. To truly be awakened, you must be conscious and aware. To do this takes authenticity and accepting both the light and the dark. Jaclyn is a firm believer in the individual’s connection to themselves, self-love, their healing and honoring their unique stories – hence the Empowerment! She holds the space, assists and guides, but ultimately she works to prove to her clients they had it in them all along, offering Light and Love to all those who seek her out!

Prices for services vary – Please visit website for info

Psychic and Medical Intuitive Readings with MARIELLE GAGNE'

720-212-5256 or

​Receive spiritual support and guidance on relationships, career, love and money from your angels, guides, akashic records, and loved ones. Mar also enjoys assisting people on their self-evolvement journey using medical intuition. She is an animal communicator, douser, medium, and channeler. She was certified in Doreen Virtue's Angel Card system and graduated from Tina Zion's Medical Intuition Workshops.

$60 for 30 minutes

Energy Work with Medical Intuitive Rev. LORI IRVIN

HEALING SESSIONS by appointment at ESC: 
Call or Text  810-820-0494 to schedule

or email:


Holy-Fire Reiki Master, Inner Child Integration, Physical and Emotional Pain Extraction. In-Person Individual or remote healings available for people and animals!

Rev. Lori Irvin is a Medical Intuitive Healer trained in Lily Dale, NY, and Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is a Holy-Fire Reiki Master/Teacher, Occupational Therapist, and Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist that provides customized healing to reduce/eliminate symptoms of the body, mind, or soul energy. She helps to heal your physical and emotional well-being by removing Pain-Energy or Old Energy that no longer serves you and replaces it with healing color energy.  Also, with Cord removal, inner child work and energy transformation, people have reported decreased/elimination of their pain, anxiety and thought patterns along with a feeling of peace, lightness and healing. Sit with Lori as she connects with Source, Ascended Masters, Angels and Spirit Guides all while utilizing color, crystal, and sound energy to heal and change the vibration of the dis-ease.  


People have reported relief from such issues as back pain, headache, lock-jaw, arthritis, digestion issues, neck pain, and fatigue, just to name a few.

$65/30 minutes, $120/hour

Reiki/Sound Healing Sessions and Training with JOHN STEINBAUER

John Steinbauer is a clear-channel intuitive Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher, Sound Healing Practitioner, Intuitive Happiness Mentor and Primordial Meditation Practitioner. John has over 30 years of experience with sound therapy. The combination of hands on reiki, sustained sound therapy and his ability to clear the veil so healing takes place is quite profound.

John offers a large array of services, including his profound Sound Healing Therapy, Reiki Therapy, Distant Reiki, Animal Reiki, Intuitive Energy Cleansing, and Group Healing. John works in Southeast Michigan, but is able to cater to clients around the world.

John teaches Reiki 1, 2, 3, Master, and Teacher levels. Here at the ESC or at the clients home. John only teaches one on one classes and has found that the student receive way more in this format. John’s classes are open to the students way of learning and what will benefit the student. Each class is different as each student is different. When a student finishes the classes - they’re an empowered, stronger, happier, loving, more diverse and open person. Learning reiki with John, you learn everything you need to know about reiki; but you will finally be free from your own blockages too. John’s attunements alone, are empowering on a universal level. They last from 1.5 - 3 hours. John uses his crystal bowls and music, that you personally go on a deep journey within. Unlocking your gifts with each class. The first class clears the energy of the heart, second the mind and Masters class the energy body and etheric field. You will learn to heighten your psychic abilities, intuition, and empathic abilities and other gifts too. You will also be learning tapping techniques, and several different aspects of Reiki that will broaden your healing abilities. The class will also touch on sound healing and the many healing techniques that can compliment Reiki.​​

Contact John to schedule Reiki Training or inquire about healing sessions (either in person or remote): or 248-445-2590

To learn more about John's work:

$85 an 1.5 hour session; Reiki classes $200 a class

Clinical QiGong Healing with CHRIS GILBERT

Sessions by appointment and
after select ESC events.
Schedule in advance with Chris at: 

(734)787-3383 or


Chris Gilbert is a state licensed massage therapist and certified in Clinical Qigong as taught by Michael Lomax.

Having always had a deep interest in Eastern modalities and holistic health, in 2011 Chris attended a Qigong workshop that included clinical applications, and was absolutely floored by the power of the positive physical and mental effects it had on him. He decided that he wanted to share such treasures with others as well.


Chris helps alleviate pain and assist clients in reaching their optimum state of dynamic health. Some common ailments he addresses are back and neuropathic pain, migraines, diabetes, emotional distress, sciatica, and many other physical and energetic maladies that interfere with being able to access our true selves. Furthermore, his greatest satisfaction comes from seeing a client's eyes light up as they witness the potential of Clinical Qigong, bringing them back to the same wonder at they magic of the Universe we experience in childhood.


Sessions can be in person or at a distance, and may include hands-on progressive stretching and acupressure along the meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chris also teaches Qigong movements that can aid you in long-term health and spiritual growth, giving you the power to connect with your own true nature.  

$25 for 15 minutes, $40 for 30 minutes, $70 for an hour

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