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Cacao & Connection ~ Cacao Ceremony with Jenna Castor


Saturday, March 25, 2023

6:00–8:00 pm


COST: $33 via Venmo to @Jenna-Castor

Space limited ~ Advance registration recommended!

Questions and more information:

Contact Jenna Castor at, 419-250-8655

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Enlightened Soul Center
2711 Carpenter Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Halfway between Washtenaw Ave. and Packard St.

Located adjacent to the U-M Credit Union on the east side of Carpenter. Free parking in the back and on the side street! Entrance in the back.

About the Cacao & Connection Event

Cacao & Connection is a blended offering of heart-opening ceremonial-grade cacao and connection-based activities. This is an opportunity to gather in community to experience genuine relating and play. Cacao is the bean from which chocolate is derived. In its minimally processed form, it’s considered a superfood, rich in antioxidants and minerals. Cacao is regarded as sacred plant medicine in Central and South America and has been used ceremonially for thousands of years. The scientific name Theobroma Cacao translates to “food of the gods”. Cacao contains theobromine, a mild stimulant and vasodilator, which can increase blood flow and create sensations of warmth. This is among the reasons why cacao is referred to as a “heart-opener”. When cultivated, prepared, and consumed with intention, cacao also acts as a spiritual aid, opening your heart to love and connection. 

For our purposes, cacao will support us to soften into vulnerability and let go of what is no longer serving us. From this receptive state, we will engage in partner and group activities that encourage us to share authentically and be supported by one another. Let’s gather in community, get to know ourselves and each other more deeply, and celebrate life together. All are welcome! 

The cacao that will be served is sourced from Guatemala. It’s organic and single-origin. Each cup of cacao will be Reiki-infused. 

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About the Facilitator

Jenna Castor is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Usui Reiki Practitioner. As a body and energy worker, she’s felt and witnessed the impact of human connection on a physical and spiritual level. She believes that community plays an essential role in the health and wellness of each individual. “Our gifts can express more fully when they are nurtured together in relationship. We each have an integral role to play in helping one another realize our own unique gifts to offer to the world,” Jenna reflects. As innately tribal beings we are meant to gather together through every phase of life. Jenna offers Cacao & Connection as an opportunity to come together as our authentic selves and be supported by community.

Learn more about Jenna at:

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