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Practitioner at the Enlightened Soul Center
Available by appointment (contact her directly)

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Past-Life Regressions Using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Cost: $250 (This is an in-depth service that can take 4 to 6 hours)
Contact Irene at: 734-604-7242 or

Weaving together more than a decade of spiritual studies and advocacy social work, Kellee offers a soul-centered therapeutic approach to guided healing through Quantum Healing Hypnosis TechniqueTM.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or QHHT, is a form of hypnosis healing pioneered by Dolores Cannon, who  developed and refined it for over 45 years in her incredible journey as a regressive hypnotherapist. Cannon worked with thousands of clients in many countries, producing an enormous volume of work that has been published in seventeen books to date.

With QHHT, many have discovered a powerful, life-changing experience. Each person comes into a session for his or her own reasons, and those reasons are so varied that it is impossible to list them all! The most important thing to understand about this process is that, as a participant, YOU control everything that happens in the session. The information that you receive will be tailored exactly for you, by you. The practitioner’s task in this process is simply to usher you through it and act as a facilitator.

QHHT is able to help clarify answers to questions in a simple fashion. With guidance, you’ll be properly prepared for this journey once you’ve determined what you want to accomplish. During the hypnosis part of the session, scenes of your life’s past are presented through visualization, and you will verbally express what is happening. You will be consciously aware and in full control throughout the session. The session will be recorded for your own personal use, allowing you to reflect on your experience later.


You may be looking for physical healing, career direction, relationship assistance, or spiritual enlightenment. Sometimes participants have undergone an emotional experience in life for which they seek closure. Clients that have experienced difficult issues such as cancer or suicide, or dealt with family members with disabilities, may find information that changes their perspective on dealing with these kinds of stressful situations and helps them resolve issues.  


A QHHT session empowers YOU to create what many feel is an immediate shift in your life, giving you a new perspective through a very empowering experience!!!

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