Mindfulness Meditation Class with Nicholas O'Donnell


8 Wednesdays, 7:00–9:00 pm
Dec. 7, 2022–Jan. 25, 2023

Cost: $15/session per week ($120 total)
or $100/8 sessions if paid upfront


Questions: Nick, nicksvictorygardens@gmail.com or call/text (734) 299-64-72

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About the Mindfulness Meditation Class

Mindfulness meditation was originally called vipassana. Vipassana was the supposed meditation practice that The Buddha did to become enlightened. Mindfulness meditation is basically getting in touch with how we experience and sense the world through seeing, hearing, and feeling. In the system of Unified Mindfulness, we utilize three core skills: concentration, sensory clarity, and equanimity. Applying these three core skills to our sensory categories of seeing, hearing, and feeling, our experience of what being Human is becomes enhanced or “enlightened”. 


Mindfulness meditation has been proven to lower anxiety, increase happiness, and just bring more fulfillment to life. Science is just now catching up with what the meditation community has been claiming for thousands of years: meditation is healthy! Mindfulness meditation is also useful for metaphysical and intuitive work such as channeling or tarot reading, because when we can better understand how we're sensing and experiencing a situation, we can better communicate how the reading or the intuitive work is going or understood to others.


In this class, we will be exploring mindfulness meditation through the system of “Unified Mindfulness”. Unified Mindfulness is a brand of mindfulness meditation that has refined Vipassana and Zen meditation into a hybrid. The first 8 weeks have been designed to give someone with little experience a taste of what mindfulness meditation can offer. We will explore techniques such as “ see-hear-feel,” “feel good,” “feel rest,” “feel flow,” etc. These techniques are focused on giving a beginner to mindfulness meditation the tools to start to experience the benefits of mindfulness instantly. After the first 8 weeks, the mindfulness curriculum can continue depending on interest and necessity of the community.

Below is a syllabus of what the course has to offer.

Any and all questions, please email nicksvictorygardens@gmail.com

Syllabus - Mindfulness Meditation Class


In this course, you will learn what mindfulness meditation is and its benefits. You will also learn how to practice mindfulness meditation both while sitting and while doing everyday things like listening, exercising, walking, simple tasks, etc.



Wk. 1  Introduction to Unified Mindfulness

See Hear Feel (SHF) technique, rewards and benefits of mindfulness

Practice Homework

  • 10 min. formal practice: See Hear Feel technique

Wk. 2  How to Relax and Recharge with Mindfulness

Feel Rest technique, managing stress

Practice Homework

  • 10 min. formal practice: Feel Rest technique (FR)

  • Optional additional formal practice: See Hear Feel technique

Wk. 3  Mindfulness in Daily Life

See Hear Feel and Feel Rest techniques, practice in daily life

Practice Homework

  • 10 min. formal practice: See Hear Feel technique (SHF)

  • 10-20 min. daily practice in action using either SHF or FR techniques:

    • Microhits

    • Background practice

    • Formal practice


Wk. 4  Getting in the Zone & Going with the Flow

Feel Flow technique, peak performance, types of techniques

Practice Homework

  • 10 min. formal practice: Feel Flow technique (FF)

  • 10-20 min. daily practice in action: SHF, FR, or FF

Wk. 5  It’s Fun to Be Spontaneous

Auto Walk technique, developing spontaneity

Practice Homework

  • 10 min. formal practice: SHF, FR, or FF

  • 10 min. walking: Auto Walk technique (AW)

  • Additional 10 min. daily practice in action: SHF, FR, FF, or AW

  • To prepare for next week (practice with music):

    • Bring music listening device and earbuds

    • Create one 10-minute playlist of songs that makes you happy

Wk. 6  Feeling Good and the Magic of Music

Feel Good technique, improving relationships & well-being, enjoying music

Practice Homework

  • 10 min. formal practice: Feel Good technique (FG)

  • 10 min. daily practice in action: SHF, FR, FF, AW, or FG

  • Extra Credit: 10 min. daily formal practice with music

Wk. 7  Applying Mindfulness to Inner Windows and Walls (Opportunities & Obstacles)

Practice strategies to work with pleasant and unpleasant experience and to accelerate growth through practice

Practice Homework

  • 10 min. formal practice: See Hear Feel technique

  • 10 min. daily applying mindfulness to a challenge or interest of your choice

    • Examples:

      • Unpleasant: stress in your day - Anchor Away

      • Pleasant: silent room - Turn Toward

  • 10 min. daily practice in action: SHF, FR, FF, AW, or FG

  • To prepare for Week 8 journaling

    • Bring journaling notebook

Wk. 8  Wrap Up: Your Unified Mindfulness Road Map

The Rhythm of Practice: Life, Retreats, Getting Support, Giving Support